What type of insurance can I get with GoSkippy?

As one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance brokers, GoSkippy are proud to offer their customers a choice of insurance types. With the Bristol-based company you can cover your car, van, home or motorbike, allowing you the ultimate peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

GoSkippy car insurance

All drivers need car insurance, but when it comes to cover it’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’. Choosing the right policy could help save you some pennies, so it’s best to speak to an expert advisor who can assess your needs and budget. GoSkippy’s selection of car insurance includes a number of policy options including comprehensive; third party, fire and theft; and third party only. As the name suggests, comprehensive is the most extensive cover, and insures you against all circumstances.

Covering your home with GoSkippy

Your home is where your family lives – so it’s only natural to be fiercely protective of your abode. Some people however take the safety of their homes for granted, underinsuring their properties and possessions. This can lead to disastrous consequences in the event of theft or fire. When it comes to home insurance, you can choose to insure the building only, home contents, or both building and contents. Speaking to an advisor is best so that you can discuss your needs and find the perfect policy for you.

Van insurance

If your van is your livelihood, then insuring your set of wheels is imperative. If something happens to your van and it’s not covered, it can hugely damage your business. You’ll want to get back on the road as soon as possible, and rightly so. The van insurance policy you take out depends on the needs and demands of your business, and so GoSkippy provides a choice of different policies. Calling the contact number will allow you to receive a quote on the spot.

Bike insurance

The sad reality of owning a motorbike is that if you’re not careful, your trusty bike could well fall victim of theft. What’s more, many road accidents involve motorbikes, so it’s essential that you have an insurance policy that will be there for you should the worst happen. Whether you’re a veteran bike enthusiast or an eager learner – GoSkippy has the policy to suit you. Make that call today and find out which cover best fits your needs.