What should my annual company accounts include?

At the end of a financial year, your company has a range of things it must prepare by certain deadlines. These include full statutory annual accounts and a Company Tax Return that meet the deadlines for filing with both Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs – you can also use these to calculate the amount of Corporation Tax you must pay.

We’ve outlined the actions and deadlines below:

· File a Company Tax Return – 12 months after your accounting period for Corporation Tax finishes

· Pay Corporation Tax or inform HMRC that your company doesn’t owe any – 9 months a 1 day after your accounting period for Corporation Tax finishes

· File first year accounts with Companies House – 21 months after you registered with Companies House

· File annual accounts with Companies House - 9 months after your company’s financial year finishes

Filing your accounts and tax return

You are able to file with Companies House and HMRC separately or together but you need to take the additional steps if you restart a dormant company and at the end of your company’s first year. You can only file them together if you have a private limited company that doesn’t require an auditor. Though there are penalties for filing late, Companies House may extend the deadline if you apply for extra time before filing, and an event out of your control hinders you from sending your accounts.

You can email them to explain the situation at enquiries@companies-house.gov.uk – ensure you let them know how much time you expect to need. Or you can write to the following address:
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

How to do it

To access the HMRC online service you will need your account details, the company’s registration number, Companies House online account details and any corrections and amendments you have.

· To file your accounts and tax return together – use HMRC’s online service/accounting software

· To file accounts with Companies House separately – send your accounts to Companies House online

· File tax return with HMRC separately – use HMRC’s online service or accounting software

It is also possible to give your accountant or tax adviser your authentication code for Companies House or appoint an agent to file your Company Tax Return so they can do it for you.