Water saving tips with Severn Trent Water

On top of the free water-saving products Severn Trent Water have to offer, which you can read about here, they have provided some tips on how to save money and water in the future.

We at Prove I Called have broken the tips down for you below:

· Cut down your shower time – this goes without saying. If everyone in your household cut down their showers by a few minutes each, you will soon reap the benefits of cheaper bills. You can also order a water-saving shower head from Severn Trent.

· Make full use of your appliances – on top of washing clothes at a lower temperature, you should use smaller cycles and full washes when you can to use less energy. The same goes for dishwashers; hold out and wait until they are full before washing.

· Don’t water your lawn – despite looking like they may wither away, any spot of the famous British rain will put them back right into order. Avoid wasting water in this way as we can assure you, it will rain.

· Wash your veg in a bowl – instead of draining in a colander with a running tap you can reduce waste by just washing them in a bowl. With the remaining water you could water your plants or fill your vase of flowers.

· Spot a leaky toilet – if you happen to notice water running down the pack of the pan you should nip it in the bud as soon as possible. That little trickle, even if you can’t hear it, can waste litres upon litres of water a day. And for what?

· Turn off the tap – brushing your teeth, washing your hands and shaving. Don’t leave the tap on and save over 5 litres of water, per minute!

· Use your water butt – if you have a water butt, remember to use it! If you haven’t you can buy one from Severn Trent and receive some advice about the benefits of having one.

· Opt for a shower instead of a bath – when a bath can use up to 80 litres, and a shower under 40 you are cutting your usage in half (provided they aren’t power showers).

All of the above are very simple changes you can make to save water and money. Furthermore, Severn Trent Water have provided a water footprint calculator so you can see how much water you use and whether there is anything you can change.