Very product guarantees and home insurance

As an online retailer selling everything in the world, Very offer a range of insurance options and guarantees on electrical equipment and appliances purchased through their ecommerce store.

This also extends to furniture and home insurance, with Very offering contents and building cover for your house. Shall we explore the wonderful world of Very’s guarantees and insurance offers?

Home insurance with Very

While Very, formerly Littlewoods Direct, are primarily known for selling clothes and items for your house, they have branched out into the world of home insurance. Very offer £40,000 worth of contents cover, with £300,000 worth of cover for building damage and the like.

Customers can choose to only have contents or buildings cover, or both, and can save up to 25% with a no claims discount. Very home insurance does not cover wear and tear or and damage that has happened when your home is unoccupied for sixty or more days.

There are a number of other optional packages, too numerous and technical for this post. For more information, head to the Very website and click on the home insurance section. Or you can call the Prove I Called Very Contact Number.

You may wish to ask in depth questions about the home insurance packages provided by Very, or if their company’s name is a reference to Heathers.

Very replacement guarantee

Replacement guarantee is available for the electrical products you use every day, toasters, hair driers, tablets. Because of their frequent use, these items are more likely to break or get accidently damaged. If something breaks, get a new one. Dead simple.

There is no excess, up to four years of cover and accidental damage is covered as soon as you take it home. Theft is not covered, neither is wear and tear. The replacement item you receive is also not covered.

Service guarantee and Very mobile phone insurance

Very provide a service guarantee for important household electricals. If an item is covered and has an electrical or mechanical breakdown, it will be fixed by Very. There is no excess and callouts are free. To find out more about Very’s policy on fixing an item, or to find out how to call out electrical servicer, call the Prove I Called Contact Number.

Mobile phone insurance is also provided. This includes 30 days of cover whilst in another country, and a year of cover for accidental damage and theft. Loss is not covered.