Van insurance with Octagon Insurance

In addition to providing insurance policies for cars, Octagon offer van insurance for personal and business use. There are a number of benefits available to van drivers, with a number specifically designed to cover possible business uses of your vehicle, and its important contents.

If you would like to renew, change or purchase a policy from Octagon Insurance, you can do so by calling our Prove I Called Octagon Insurance Contact Number. You can also call to receive a quote or to make an insurance claim, should your van be damaged in an accident.

Get a van insurance quote from Octagon Insurance

To get a van insurance quote, you can call Octagon or visit their website to use the Get a Quote tool. To receive a quote, you may need your driving licence and vehicle registration information.

Octagon Insurance will also need your personal information, including your age, address, contact information and driving history. They must also know about any criminal convictions in your past and, of course, you’ll need to provide information about your van.

Van insurance benefits with Octagon Insurance

Octagon provide the same benefits to vans as they do to cars. For a full list of benefits and forms of cover, take a look at our guide to car insurance with Octagon.

The most important form of cover to consider when purchasing a van insurance policy with Octagon is the optional extra Tools in Transit. This covers the contents of your van, up to either £500, £1000 or £2500. Tools in Transit cover starts at £2.53, rising in price based on the limit of insurance you select and the usual insurance issues, such as profession and your driving history.

There is a two page online booklet that explains the terms and conditions of Tools in Transit. It is useful to read the two pages explaining the various circumstances in which Tools in Transit will and will not cover your van’s contents.

As the purpose of insurance is to protect yourself from possible nightmare situations, reading the full terms and conditions is part of that process, saving yourself from potential disputes regarding your insurance cover, or lack of.