Using Apple Pay with TSB

All of the credit cards TSB offer can be used to earn cashback on transactions with Apple Pay. You will begin earning cashback immediately and it will be paid to you on the 15th day of each month.

For any qualifying spend in November and December, you will get your first payment in January and monthly from then on. The cashback will usually appear on the next month’s statement unless you have your statement processed beforehand.

You can only earn cashback on Apple Pay transactions, whether in or out-of-app, on 5% of the first £100 of Apple Pay that are made on TSB Amex or MasterCard Credit card every month. Therefore, the maximum you can earn is £5 per month for each of your TSB cards and you will not be taxed.

You can’t keep track of the cashback you have built up in your wallet but you are able to see the last ten Apple Pay transactions.

The below credit cards are eligible:

· Avios (MasterCards)

· Avios (Amex)

· Premier Avios (MasterCards)

· Premier Avios (Amex)

· Advance (MasterCard)

· Classic (MasterCard)

· Gold (MasterCard)

· Platinum (MasterCard)

· Student (MasterCard)

· Trust Card (MasterCard)

Any additional cardholders will not be able to register their card for Apple Pay so are not able to earn the cashback from purchases on their card. If you do have multiple cards and users, it’s advisable to set up a default card for the card that’s used the most in order to benefit from the cashback scheme the most. The default card for all transactions will automatically be the one you used to set up your Wallet app, though if you wish to make your TSB account the main card you can do so by finding ‘default card’ in the ‘transaction defaults’ of your Wallet and Apple Pay settings.