Tracking your FedEx delivery

Ways to track your delivery

Tracking your delivery can offer the peace of mind that you need when transferring items from A to B. FedEx understands that and therefore provides various ways in which you can follow your consignment on its journey.

We have outlined the main ways in which you can keep track – easily and efficiently

Tracking by tracking number or reference

Are you aware that you can track as many as 30 tracking numbers on the FedEx online tracking form? Simply click onto to start tracking. Likewise, you can enter up to 30 reference numbers – please note it is beneficial to also have your FedEx account number handy along with postal dates plus destination country & postal code information.

It is also possible to obtain a, ‘Proof of Delivery’ including a copy of the recipient’s signature. This service is generally available for the FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments. Should you require a copy of the FedEx Freight Bill of Landing that is usually possible too.

For more info simply click online or why not call FedEx customer services?

Tracking by email

Up to 30 FedEx deliveries can be conveniently tracked using just one email. To set up your email notifications just create a new email message addressed to:

Please note that nothing is needed in the subject line.

Your body text should include the word ‘account’ followed by a space and then your FedEx account number. Now enter your FedEx reference number – up to 30 can be added per line separated by a comma or if you prefer, simply add one per line.

Please note that for more information, FedEx customer service lines are open from:

8am until 6pm on a Monday to Friday

8am until 1ppm on a Saturday

Tracking by mobile phone

FedEx mobile services allow you to check your consignment wherever you are. Thankfully this handy service is available on many web-enabled smartphones, Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and Android devices.

Downloads are available via

Registered user tracking

By creating an online account you can track all national and international deliveries quickly and easily online.

For details on how to register please contact your local FedEx depot.