The payment options available to Very users

Very offer three payment plans to customers, in addition to paying the usual way. Buyers can choose from buy now pay later, Take 3 and spread the cost. These options are designed to make it easy for customers to buy an item from Very, regardless of whether you have the money or not.

These options spread payments out over a period of time, with the timescale depending on the option you selected. Unfortunately, a couple of the options are difficult to understand; what is the difference between buy now pay later and spread the cost? Their names mean the same thing. So we’re here to help.

Bear in mind that whenever Very use the word month, they mean 28 days.

Take 3 Very payments

Take 3 is a useful option for frequent Very shoppers. When checking out, select the ‘add to account’ option. This will add a monthly payment to your account. Shoppers do not need to pay interest if the amount is paid in time. Take 3 is available on all purchases.

It cannot be used to pay for installation and delivery fees. As the name suggests, Take 3 payments last for three months. If you buy a pair of shoes for £30 and select Take 3, you would pay £10 during the first month, £10 in the second, £10 in the third month. You could then make another purchase with Take 3, adding the monthly cost of the second item to your monthly payment.

Take 3 is useful for items that you’d usually have to save up for. Instead of spending three months saving, then getting hold of the coat you wanted, you can have the item from the start, paying the same price in the long run.

Very Buy Now Pay Later payments

For larger purchases, Very offer customers a Buy Now Pay Later option. BNPL purchases must be at least £50. Here are the options available based on the cost of your purchase:

£50 or more – pay nothing for 6 months

£125 or more – pay nothing for 9 months

£200 or more – pay nothing for 12 calendar months

While pay nothing may sound like an appetising prospect, it should not be seen as a pay nothing period. After the pay nothing period has ended, buyers are charged interest on any outstanding payment. Customers should aim to pay the full amount before their pay nothing period has ended, the best way is in small manageable chunks.

Some payment methods can take longer to process, meaning a last minute payment to avoid interest is inadvisable. If you are afraid of being charged interest due to a late payment, you may want to call our Very Contact Number. A member of their customer service team will be able to help.

Spread the Cost

Spread the Cost is a monthly instalments payment plan that requires customers to pay a minimum amount each month. Buyers must pay either £5 or 7% of the balance each month, whichever figure is larger. Interest will be charged. Customers can pay as much as they want each month, as long as the minimum amount is paid.