The need-to-know about Knowhow care plans

How do I cancel my Knowhow care plan?

If you decide you no longer want the Knowhow care plan and pay monthly you can call the team within 14 days of purchase (if the insurance service has been used). In this case, they will give you a refund on any payments but after that period, you will not receive a refund despite you being able to cancel at any time.

The only other instance you can receive a refund is if you have bought a 3 to 5 year care plan, meaning you can cancel up to 45 days after the purchase date. You must not have used the service. After this point you are entitled to a pro rata refund on your purchase.

It’s also possible to write to Knowhow and let them know you intend to cancel your agreement at: Knowhow Customer Services
PO Box 1686
S2 5YB

Problems and expiration dates

To find out the expiration date of you care plan you can either find the date on the Care Plan card given to you when you bought the product, call the Knowhow customer care team or visit the Knowhow website and find ‘protected products,’ provided you have registered.

You can use the same customer service number if you have any issues with the plan and a member of the team should be able to resolve the problem efficiently.

If Knowhow believe they cannot repair your product they will give you a voucher so you can get a replacement product in a Currys or PC World store. Like the instant replacement service they provide – which you can read about on Prove I Called here – the value of the replacement will be equivalent in price (or less) to the original product and must be the same or similar specification.

In this case your care plan will end and you will receive a refund voucher for the plan which will be redeemable when you purchase another care plan and pro rata only.

Other types of insurance

It is also possible to protect products with a third party or with household insurance. However, these insurance policies do not always cover mishaps or mechanical breakdowns and you may have to pay an excess fee.

It’s also common for portable products not to be protected and claims cause your annual premiums to rise. It’s recommended that you use a price comparison website to see what different insurance companies can offer you to suit your needs.