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Payment plans for Pure Gym membership

Pure Gym aim to provide customers with a different gym experience, based on what customers really want. They aim to provide cheap membership prices, with no contract forcing you to join for six months or a year.

To keep overheads at a minimum, Pure Gym buildings are centred on exercise equipment and areas for fitness classes. No steam room, no sauna, no café.

How do Pure Gym membership plans work?

Pure Gym offer monthly membership, with no contract locking you down for the next six months. Prices vary based on which Pure Gym’s you would like access to. The cheapest monthly plan is 18.99, allowing customers to access to a select number of gyms in the United Kingdom.

Prices for monthly payments rise as more gyms are added to the list you can access, up to a maximum price of £35.99 for access to all Pure Gyms in the country. There is also a joining fee, £5.00 for 16 & 17 year old membership plans and the £18.99 monthly membership, and £25.00 for any of the other monthly payment plans.

Pure Gym monthly payments are paid by direct debit, as a result, customers cannot pay for multiple months at once. As there is no contract, Pure Gym members can cancel their membership at any time. To cancel, you can call our Pure Gym Contact Number, you will also need to cancel your direct debit, either through the Pure Gym process or through your bank.

Members can change the date of their direct debit by contacting Pure Gym, though there must be at least 3 days until the payment as banks require a certain amount of notice to make changes. Because Pure Gym only use direct debit payments, customers cannot pay with cash. Memberships are purchased online, making it simple and safe for customers to enter their payment details.

Is there a daily gym access option?

Pure Gym also allow users to pay £5.99 for access to their gym for one day, this allows customers to test the gym facilities in case they were considering joining their local Pure Gym. It also allows visitors to an area a way of continuing their fitness programme, even if the gym they have a membership for does not have a facility in the area.

What exercise facilities do Pure Gym provide?

Pure Gym can provide low price membership to customers by stripping their facilities down to what matters in a gym. Instead of spending on saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools, Pure Gym funnel their money into high tech equipment and fitness classes.

Equipment and Machines

All Pure Gyms are equipped with the latest exercise equipment, with plenty of machines to prevent customers queuing for their 10 minutes on the cross trainer. To find out what fitness equipment your local Pure Gym has, head to the Pure Gym website and select your area from the drop down menu. There will be an option to view the equipment housed in the specific gym, with further information explaining the purpose of a particular machine and how to use it.

For members who are new to the world of gym equipment, Pure Gym provide half hour inductions, during which new members are introduced to each piece of equipment by one of Pure Gym’s in house personal trainers. There is also a Pure Gym app which, when downloaded onto your phone, provides you with videos explaining how the machines are used and what they are used for.

All Pure Gym facilities come equipped with a free weights area, allowing customers to work on that all important six pack. These areas feature a variety of different pieces of equipment, making it easy for members to work on their own personal exercise routine. You can also call our Pure Gym Contact Number to discuss the available gym equipment and organise an instructive session with a personal trainer.

Pure Gym Classes

If you prefer to attend fitness classes, rather than sweat it out on a machine, Pure Gym provide around 50 free classes per week. These classes range from the enjoyable Beginners’ Zumba to the hard-core military workout of a Pure Boot Camp. With so many fitness and exercise classes to choose from, member can attend classes that suit them, based on their exercise routine and daily lifestyle.

Classes require booking, this can be accomplished on the members’ area of the Pure Gym website, through the free app or through the touch screens found on site. Customers need their membership pin number and email address to book a place on a class. The booking system is in place to prevent popular classes from overflowing. Classes that require specialist instructors cost a small amount.

Personal training

For customers hoping to book a personal trainer to improve their fitness regime, members can book a session by speaking to a member of Pure Gym’s in house team.

To find out more about the Pure Gym personal trainers at your local branch, look online. There are individual profiles for each trainer, helping you to find the perfect instructor for your fitness programme.

Pure Gym membership etiquette, rules and regulations

In order to create an exercise environment that everyone enjoys, Pure Gym have a number of rules in place. These rules make the experience better for everyone, allowing all customers to comfortably use the machines, attend classes and lift weights.

Breaking certain rules can lead to a cancellation of your Pure Gym membership, sometimes leading to conflict with ex-members and Pure Gym.

To complain about the cancellation of your Pure Gym membership, call our Contact Number, you’ll be able to speak to a member of the Pure Gym team and find out exactly why your membership was cancelled and what the process is for appealing or overturning the ban.

Pure and simple safety

To keep all gym users safe, Pure Gym have a number of strict health and safety rules. These are not in place because health and safety regulations have gone mad, they are to protect all customers, including those in contravention of the rules.

Members must know how to use gym equipment before attempting to use a machine, this is why new members are encouraged to attend a half hour induction with an in-house personal trainer, if you have forgotten how the machine works, you can ask a member of Pure Gym’s staff for assistance.

All members must dress appropriately and may not bring any bags into the exercise area. A full run down of what is considered appropriate gym attire can be found on the Pure Gym website. Gym weights must not be dropped on the floor after use, they must be placed back in the correct place.

Minding your manners

Our country wide obsession with manners extends to the gym. For new members, gym manners can prove to be a little bit of a learning curve, though the expected etiquette will become quickly apparent. Always bring a small sweat towel and use it to wipe down any machine that you have used, leaving it as you’d expect to find it.

There is no smoking permitted in any area of the Pure Gym premises, and no photographs may be taken whilst in a Pure Gym. Not everyone wants to be included in a post-workout selfie, you are also expected to avoid posting remarks to the internet that may single out and identify another member.

Belongings and security

In order to provide round the clock security, Pure Gym use a CCTV network to monitor each area of the building. Pure Gym take no responsibility for any lost property. Their policy is to keep lost property for a week, after which the item will be donated to charity or destroyed.

In Scotland, valuable items are passed on to the local police station, all other lost property is passed onto the Regional Custodiers Department in accordance will local laws.

Additional costs involved with Pure Gym membership

Pure Gym appeal to customers who are looking for an affordable exercise experience, offering low price membership with no fixed contract. After signing up based on the low price, customers may be unhappy to run into further costs, including unexpected administration charges and joining fees. This post is a run-down of costs that may occur during your Pure Gym membership.

Pure Gym joining fee

Paid as part of your first monthly payment, Pure Gym use a joining fee to cover the cost of time spent providing new members with unique membership pin codes that will provide access to Pure Gym facilities across the country.

For 16 & 17 year old members and customers paying £18.99 a month for membership, the joining fee is £5. For all other payment plans, the joining fee is £25.00.

This data varies depending on where you look on the Pure Gym website, meaning a call to our Pure Gym Contact Number may be required to get to the bottom of what your joining fee will actually cost.

Money back guarantee on cancelled memberships

The Consumer Contracts Regulations act allows customers to cancel any membership within 14 days of their first payment, entitling the customer to a refund. The amount refunded is based on your use of the service during those 14 days, if you have not used any of the facilities you will receive a full refund.

If you have used Pure Gym facilities, your refund will be based on how often you have made use of your membership, deducting the cost from the money you will receive.

This act is in place to prevent companies charging customers for contracts that they instantly regretted or mistakenly took out. The use checked refund is in place to prevent customers taking out a new contract every 14 days, getting the refund and repeating.

Administration charges

There are a number of administration charges that may be incurred over the course of your membership. There is a charge for upgrading or downgrading your membership, there is also a fee of £20 for any due direct debit that goes unpaid. This fee can be reduced if the outstanding fee is paid online within 7 days of the original date.

Pure Gym contact number – 0843 507 1825

Who are Pure Gym?

Pure Gym is a chain of gyms across the United Kingdom offering low price membership and the latest fitness equipment. Unlike a number of other fitness chains, Pure Gym do not tie members down to contracts, allowing customers far more freedom.

To keep costs down, Pure Gym do not have saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools on premises, seeing those features as extraneous to what users really want. In addition to exercise equipment, Pure Gym provide members with free fitness classes, over 50 a week depending on location.

Pure Gym facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing members to train at a time that suits their lifestyle. Security staff monitor their gyms with CCTV, creating a round the clock safe atmosphere. There are currently 141 Pure Gyms across the United Kingdom, with a number of new gyms set to open in a variety of towns and cities. In May 2015, Pure Gym purchased rival company LA Fitness for around £60 million.

What can I get help with when I call the Pure Gym contact number?

Pure Gym memberships can only be purchased online, but issues with payments for membership can be solved by calling their customer services team with our contact number. You may also wish to report an issue with the equipment or staff at a particular branch.

If you have lost your unique Pure Gym membership pin number, you can contact Pure Gym to retrieve your code. Should there have been an issue with your direct debit payment to Pure Gym, a bigger or smaller charge than expected, Pure Gym’s customer services team can provide support and assistance, solving any problem that may have occurred.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

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Pure Gym phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday to Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Company address & email

Town Centre House
Merrion Centre

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Facebook: Pure Gym
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