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Services provided by Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is often used to refer to the video streaming service provided by the online retailer Amazon, though Amazon Prime also provides subscribers with a number of other benefits.

Here is a short run down of the various services provided by Amazon Prime. If you would like to phone their customer services team, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Amazon Prime delivery

Amazon Prime subscribers can select free next day delivery when ordering a number of products from the Amazon store. Another delivery option available to Prime subscribers is free same day delivery, however this option is only available to customers in certain postcodes. Same day delivery products are delivered in the evening.

Prime subscribers can also choose free no-rush delivery when selecting from the range of options provided by Amazon. No-rush delivery entitles customers to promotional credit, this option is useful for Prime customers that have ordered an item but are willing to wait an extra 3-5 days for delivery.

Amazon Prime Video, Photos and Music

Amazon Instant Video is a popular service provided through Prime membership. It is a streaming service similar to Netflix, with an increasing number of exclusive television shows.

The Amazon Instant Video library provides subscribers with a large range of television shows and films to choose from; if a film or show is not available for free streaming through the service, customers can purchase the video for instant streaming, storing the video in the Amazon Cloud.

Prime Photos is an image storing service, allowing subscribers to save an unlimited number of photos to the Amazon Cloud. Prime Music is a music streaming service similar to Spotify. Users can also purchase music, store it on the Amazon Cloud and listen whenever they have internet access.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon Prime members who live in the United Kingdom can use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to download one new ebook per month for free.

Customers must own an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet to make use of the free ebook as books can only be downloaded on certain devices.

Cancelling your Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon Prime offer a free trial to all customers as means of testing their streaming and one day delivery service. The free trial lasts for 30 days and requires customers to provide a credit or debit card when signing up. When the 30 day trial period ends, customers are automatically signed up to the Amazon Prime yearly subscription service, at a price of £79.

As an automatic action, this catches a number of customers off guard. One of the most popular Google searches related to Amazon Prime is “Amazon Prime refund,” due to the high proportion of consumers that have forgotten to cancel their free trial in time.

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime membership after the free trial has ended?

Amazon Prime are aware of this issue and provide a 14 day period in which customers can cancel their membership and receive a refund. If you have made no use of any of the Amazon Prime services that membership provides in the 14 day period, you can receive a full refund of the cost of membership. If you have used Amazon Prime in the 14 day period, you are entitled to a refund based on a number of different factors.

To cancel an Amazon Prime membership, go to your Amazon Prime online account. There is a Manage Prime Membership section that allows customers to review a number of aspects of their Prime account. At the left of the page, there is an option to cancel your subscription. For free trial users, it will says Do Not Continue, for current subscribers the option will read End Membership. Your membership will stop at the end of the current subscription period.

Does my subscription end immediately?

Customers that cancel their subscription can still stream Amazon Instant Video and order certain items with next day delivery up until the end of the pre-agreed subscription period. As a result, it is useful for free trial users to turn off automatic renewal as soon as they begin the trial. This prevents any unwanted payment coming out of your bank account later down the line and still allows you to enjoy the 30 day free trial period.

For customers who have accidently renewed membership, you may wish to call our Amazon Prime Contact Number to discuss the refunding process with a member of Amazon’s customer service team.

Amazon Prime and LoveFilm subscription management

Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service began with their purchase of the DVD rental service LoveFilm in 2011. LoveFilm’s video streaming service became Amazon Instant Video, while the DVD rental service has continued as LoveFilm by Post. The service was purchased by Amazon, the online shopping site saw an opportunity to compete with Netflix.

Backed by an increased revenue, Amazon Instant Video is now a major player in the streaming industry, able to fund its own exclusive projects.

It can be confusing for consumers to understand what has happened to the service they previously used, for further information about your LoveFilm account, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Can I reactivate my LoveFilm Streaming account as an Amazon Prime account?

The short answer is no. Previous LoveFilm can no longer transfer their account information across to Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, this means customers must create a new subscription for an Amazon Prime account, through their current Amazon account.

This means customers must rebuild their account profile, rerating films and television shows they enjoyed to create an accurate profile for Amazon Instant Video to base its film and TV suggestions on.

LoveFilm by Post subscriptions and unreturned DVDs

Amazon still provide a DVD rental service that allows LoveFilm customers to continue their home delivery service, if they prefer to receive DVDs rather than create an Amazon Prime Instant video streaming account. LoveFilm by Post continues to provide customers with this option, allowing customers to order any number of DVDs each month.

If you are still in possession of LoveFilm DVDs despite having cancelled your susbscription long ago, you can return them for free by using the following address:



PO Box 1315



There is no need to cancel your LoveFilm Instant subscription if you did not cancel it following its rebrand as Amazon Prime Instant. All LoveFilm Instant subscriptions that were not transferred to Amazon Prime accounts were automatically cancelled.

Had a problem with your Amazon Prime delivery?

Amazon Prime is more than an on-demand video streaming service, they also offer customers free next day delivery and, in some cases, same day delivery, depending on your postcode. While the service is reliable, there can be issues with undelivered items or packages posted to the wrong address.

I have not received my expected delivery

If you ordered an item but did not receive it the following day, the first plan of action is to contact the delivery service responsible for its delivery. You can find out which delivery service Amazon used to deliver your package by reviewing your billing and order information. When contacting the courier service, have your tracking number on hand to make the problem reporting process as quick and easy as possible.

Keep in mind that certain delivery services continue to deliver up to 10pm; if you finalised your order close to the next day delivery deadline it may be delivered later in the day. This is also true of popular products, such as items ordered for a certain release date.

How to track an order

Amazon provide a parcel tracking service to customers on certain products delivered through an Amazon seller, these tend to be products that are available for Amazon Prime next day delivery. Customers can track a package to see if the parcel is out for delivery or still at a pickup location. This is a particularly useful feature for customers that need a rough time estimate of when a package will be delivered.

To track your order, use the Your Orders section in the sidebar of the Your Account section of Amazon.com. After finding the order you would like to track, find and click on the Track Package option. This will provide customers with information on whether the package is at the depot, out for delivery or has been delivered.

Parcels that are returned to Amazon as Undeliverable

If a parcel is marked as undelivered by Amazon, you will receive a full refund, including delivery costs. Parcels can be undelivered for a number of reasons, including incorrect addresses, items refused by the recipient or packages that are damaged whilst in possession of a courier.

There can also be issues with addresses that the Amazon delivery processing system does not recognise or postage labels that are illegible. Use our Amazon Prime Contact Number if you would like to call their customer service team to report an undelivered package or find out why your parcel was not delivered.

Amazon Prime Contact Number – 0843 504 0493

Amazon Prime call customer serivces

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an extremely popular and well known online streaming service, a growing competitor to Netflix. Subscribers to Amazon Prime also receive free next day delivery on a number of Amazon products. Customers who already have an Amazon account can easily find out more about what Amazon Prime has to offer them on a daily basis.

By setting up an account with Amazon Prime, customers can stream a wide range of products including books, music, movies, Instant Videos, photos and TV episodes. Not every single product will be classified as an Amazon Prime product but those that are will be marked clearly. Amazon Prime customers can stream Amazon Prime products freely and as many of them as possible.

The cost per year to join is £79 which when paid, allows unlimited streaming. If individuals are not sure if Amazon Prime is for them, they do have the option of testing the service with its 30 day free trial.

What can I get help with when I call the Amazon Prime contact number?

There are many reasons why you may need to dial the Amazon Prime contact number. One is to discuss a subscription to their re-named LoveFilm service. Amazon Instant Video (as it is now known) offers TV programme rental, buying and streaming, all on one handy site.

Customers may also wish to call about undelivered packages ordered through the Amazon Prime one day delivery service. If an urgent package has not been delivered, you can get in touch with a member of the Amazon Prime customer service team who can provide useful advice, letting you know what you are entitled to and how to formally register a complaint.

For those individuals who are unsure about whether or not Amazon Prime is right for them or would like to know a little bit more about the services provided, they can find further information on the Amazon website, or can speak to an Amazon Prime adviser by calling our contact number.

There are many people who need to cancel their Amazon Prime account, or ask for a refund having been drawn in by the free trial offered as an incentive to join.

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