Renewing licences and identification at the Post Office

There are a number of different licences and pieces of identification that can be purchased and renewed at your local Post Office branch. You can also renew your vehicle tax, a requirement for cars that are used on UK roads.

Each of these licences and identification cards are legally required for their specific area, such as fishing and driving licences and passports for travel. You can find out more by calling our Post Office Contact Number.

Licences you can purchase and renew at the Post Office

If you are interested in fishing you are able to purchase a rod fishing licence for £27, or £72 if you want to fish for salmon and sea trout too. There are different lengths of licence, from a day to 8 days, all the way through to a season long pass. This can be purchased online of in a local branch.

Drivers can apply for and renew an international driving permit or photo card driving licence. This includes provisional licences and full licences. The IDP is a year-long permit that allows owners to drive in around 140 countries across the world. In some countries this is a legal requirement, in others it is a requirement for car hire companies. You must apply for the IDP at least 3 months before you travel.

A driving licence is a well-known piece of identification, a legal requirement for drivers in the United Kingdom. If you are applying for a driving licence or IDP, you must pay the application fee and provide a passport sized photo, in addition to a number of other items.

If you work in the security industry, you can apply for or renew a Security Industry Authority licence application. After completing an online application on the SIA website, you can finish the application in a local branch of the Post Office. Bring the required documents and reference number, in addition to the application fee.

Identity services and renewals with the Post Office

There are plenty of types of identification services that the Post Office provides. You can apply for GOV.UK Verify should you need to prove your identity when working with a government department. Should you require a Foreign Nationals Biometric Residence Permit, you can register at your local branch. Health and Social workers can apply for a CQC DBS at the Post Office.

The Post Office also provide a Document Certification Service that certifies your identity on a document. If you are travelling to the United States you may want to apply for an ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. You can apply through the Post Office.