Northumbrian Water contact number – 0843 504 0103

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water, incorporated in 1989, is a utility provider in U.K. It provides mains water and sewerage services in Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear, and parts of North Yorkshire counties. It’s wholly owned subsidiary, Essex and Suffolk Water, supplies water. Northumbrian Water’s service extends to the towns of Wearside, Tyneside, and Teesside, and to the several sparsely populated hamlets in rural Northumberland, and Durham. In, all the company offers water mains and sewerage services in an area extending to 9,400 square kilometres, covering 2.7 million people.

Use the Northumbrian Water Contact number to contact the company, for any issues related to water mains, and sewerage in the areas they offer these utilities.

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Other ways to contact Northumbrian Water

The company is responsible for supplying a reliable source of safe, clean, drinking water. Yet issue may crop up from time to time. The common issues related to water mains include no water, or poor water pressure, poor water quality, and colour of water.

Poor Water pressure or no water: The company lists out some FAQs in their Website, which the user may check to resolve the issue quickly, before contacting the utility provider for assistance.

Poor water quality: The company check the water quality at every stage in the process, until the water reaches the consumer’s tap. Water is monitored at the treatment works round-the-clock. However, from time to time, the water may take a distinctive taste, and occur, or slimy bits, stains, or moulds may be present in the water. Much of these issues have to do with the pipes at the customer end, but the company would investigate the matter, and either take corrective matters at their end, or if the problem is at the customers end, offer advise on the course of action to take.

Coloured Water: Water may turn brown, black, or orange, owing to several reasons, such as disturbances of harmless deposits accumulated inside the pipe over time, or a burst main.Contacting Northumbrian Water.allows the company to investigate the matter promptly, and take any corrective measures required.

The company manages sewage services through a network of underground sewers, pipes and pumps. The sewers carry sewage from homes and buildings to the sewage treatment works for treatment. The treatment plant removes from the sewage all things harmful for the environment, and returns the water to the river or sea. The water is monitored and tested continuously on its path, and chemicals are added along the way, to ensure that the environment is not damaged.

The Northumbrian Water contact number is available at the following times:
Number 0345 733 5566 for billing and account enquiries. 8.00am through 8:00 pm Mondays to Fridays, and 8.00am to 01:00 pm on Saturdays.
Number 0345 717 1100 for general enquiries about water and sewerage services: 8:00 am thru 8:00 Monday to Friday, and 9.00am thru 1.00pm on Saturdays, and 24 hours for emergencies.
The company has a separate helpline 0800 328 7648 to report a flood.

It is also possible to contact Northumbrian Water in person, or by writing.

Northumbrian Water gives high importance to customer service. The company is bound by law to have a Northumbrian Water contact number, to record complaints. The company complies with all legal requirements, and strives to go beyond, and improve on the minimum quality standard laid down by law. The company strives to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible, and promise a reply within 10 days. For more complex issues, where an early resolution is not possible, the company promises to keep the customer informed, and compensate £50 on failure to meet the standards