No claims discounts

‘No claims’ discounts explained

When it comes to accumulating and using your ‘no claims’ car insurance discount, there will be questions which naturally arise. By earning, protecting and utilising your ‘no claims’ discount correctly you can really reap some fantastic financial rewards with General Accident. This article aims to explore some of the most commonly raised issues.

Acceptable proof of ‘no claims’

Ascertaining what is an acceptable proof of your ‘no claims’ discount is of paramount importance. ‘No claims discount’ details most commonly appear on a renewal notice or cancellation letter from a previous/current insurer – this is a perfectly acceptable form of proof for most insurers including General Accidedent. Many insurers will automatically email or send such information to their customers. If you are not in receipt of such documentation it is advisable to request proof from your insurer, which must be provided on official (letter headed) paper.

Failure to provide acceptable proof of your ‘no claims’ bonus could result in General Accident cancelling your policy – there may even be a cancellation fee which possible includes added ‘Insurance Premium Tax’.

Essential details

Checking that your ‘no claims’ details are correct is essential – after all, they’re yours. For your convenience we have created a quick checklist for you to refer to.

It is important to check:

· The NCD (No Claims Discount) is from a policy that only expired within the past 2 years

· The policy start and end dates and the number of years discount gathered are clearly stated

· Your NCD must have been issued by a UK or EU country and all documents must be in English

· You need to be stated as the actual policy holder and the person who earned the ‘no claims discount’

· The NCD in question must NOT be in use on any other car insurance policy

· No claims should have been earned on a private vehicle and not a company or hire car

Uploading your ‘no claims’ details

As an online insurer, General Insurance do not accept proof of no claims by fax or post and must therefore be uploaded via . Once online simply log into your General Accident account and follow the steps.