New or moving South West Water customers

Moving house

If you are an existing South West Water customer and are moving home, you can inform them by registering for an online account and completing a change of address form online. If you’d prefer to talk to somebody over the phone you can request a call back from the company’s accounts helpline.

Metered properties

You must note down your meter readings on the day you move if you are moving in or out of a metered property so the water firm can update your account. If you don’t have access to the meter and nobody can read it for you, you should call the Accounts Helpline with 10 working days’ notice

Landlords are also responsible for any water charges between tenants so you will need the meter reading to notify South West Water of a change in tenancy.

Unmetered properties

Contact South West Water no more than 28 days before moving in or out of an unmetered property so that the completion date of your payments is confirmed.

They will send a final bill to your new address to let you know if you owe anything or have overpaid when moving out of the region.

If you are moving within the area the firm will bill you from that date onwards and transfer any balance you may have on your account to the new address.

Amending names on the account

To add or remove names from an existing account with South West Water you should call the accounts helpline who can make the amendments.

Names must be added to the bill if you are moving into a property with a SWW customer, whether they are partners or housemates. You will also need to inform the firm if that person has moved out of the property as they are no longer taking join responsibility for the charges.

New customers

If you are a new SWW customer and have moved into an area that falls under their remit you can use an online form to let them know. Alternatively, you can call their contact number to speak to a member of their Accounts team or request a call back online.

Again, you will be billed from the date you move in so you should take note of the meter reading on the day if you have one. SWW will send you a welcome letter which will have your reference number which you use in the future to pay your bills or set up a payment plan.