Moving and setting up an account with Southern Water

Moving in

If you are moving into a Southern Water region and haven’t previously had the company you are able to set up your account on their website.

Check if your postcode fits within the Southern Water area on the site first off all, and then all you need to do is complete the form. You should have your meter reading, bank details, personal details and payment reference number to hand.

Moving out

To inform Southern Water that you are moving out of the area you can complete this form. In this case you will need to fill in your address or payment reference number, name, new address, email address and your meter reading – if you have one.

Moving within

Again, it’s possible to inform Southern Water if you are just moving from one household to the next within the area on an online form. They will ask you for your name and address, email address, number, date of moving, and your payment reference number. If you wish to set up a direct debit you should have your card details handy, too.

How to change your details

If you wish to notify the company of any changes to your details you can fill in this form. All you will need is your name and address, the same 13 digit reference number and a preferred method of contact.

The future of Southern Water online

Moving into more of the digital world, Southern Water are currently creating an online service where you will be able to log in and manage your account when you wish. The customer portal should allow you to view your bills, payments and account balance and let you manage your payments.

Alongside a range of other services you’ll also be able to track your water usage, which will be a useful money-saving tool. The firm are allowing customers to register an interest for these services so you can be the first one to experience them when they become available.