Metro Bank open drive-thru bank

Metro Bank opened an American drive-thru style branch in London last month.

The branch has two cashiers to allow clients to access services from their car, such as paying in cash and cheques and withdrawing funds, and is open every day – until 8pm during the week.

This will be the high street bank’s second drive-thru branch after the original convenience cash outlet opened in Slough in 2013 and has since proved a success.

Members of the bank, launched in 2010 by American businessman, Vernon Hill, can access their accounts (provided they have a car) in the retail park in Southall, West London.

There are now 37 stores based in London and South East UK with over 540,000 accounts. The firm had a record quarterly increase of 10 percent this year according to the bank’s second quarter figures.

James Baughan, the regional director at Metro Bank said: “Metro Bank’s model is simple – we want to give customers unparalleled levels of service and convenience whether that’s in-store, online by telephone or even from the seat of their car. We’re thrilled to bring a true banking alternative to the Southall community and look forward to welcoming both personal and business customers on our journey as we revolutionise UK banking.”

Phoning the Metro Bank contact number through Prove I Called

If you can’t receive the customer service you require in-branch or via one of their drive-throughs, phoning the Metro Bank contact number through our dedicated Prove I Called number may help you further down the line if you need to escalate a complaint. Metro Bank is Britain’s first new high street bank in over 100 years with the main focus of providing first class customer service to their clients in all banking needs. Metro bank differs from others as they concentrate on creating a very easy, user-friendly banking experience. Our Prove I Called service allows you to request your call details, allowing you to give evidence when and how you made the call, in the case of any future disputes. Make a call to the Metro Bank contact number today to resolve your issue.