Making a complaint with ebookers

Unfortunately, as is the case with many online services, there are times when customer service levels can drop below what is expected. If you are unhappy with any element of your ebookers experience, you can make a complaint to the company. This is true whether the issue is to do with the booking process, flight, hotel experience or any aspect of your holiday.

How can I contact ebookers’ customer relations department?

If you have returned from your holiday and were dissatisfied with any part of your trip, you can get in touch with the customer relations department to lodge a complaint. A valid complaint to contact the department with would, for example, be an unsatisfactory hotel or delayed flight. Any receipts or documents to support your complaint should be sent to the following address:

Customer Relations Department
140 Aldersgate Street

Emails should be sent to

When should I not contact the customer relations department?

You should not contact the customer relations department if you have not yet departed for your holiday. Any general enquiries, changes or cancellation requests should be directed towards the contact number listed below. You can also contact a member of the ebookers team by using the live chat facility on the website.

What if ebookers’ reply is unsatisfactory?

If you are unhappy with the response to your complaint or you do not receive a response at all, you can take your complaint to a higher level by contacting Which or the Citizens Advice Bureau, who will be able to give you expert consumer advice. You can follow these ABTA guidelines to help with your complaint, but because ebookers is not an ABTA member, you can not lodge your complaint with them.

It is highly advisable that you book with an ABTA-approved travel agent when planning a holiday.