Making a claim with General Accident

Need to make a claim?

Unfortunately, accidents do happen leading you to make a claim using your General Accident policy. This process may raise questions – that’s only natural. You’ll be glad to hear that we have addressed some of the main queries most commonly asked by General Accident customers.

Frequently asked Q&As

Q. What is the first step when making a claim?

A. Reassuringly, General Accident helplines are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week – simply contact their customer services team using the telephone number provided. Please note that any associated injuries or theft should be reported to the police.

Q. Both drivers are to blame – what happens now?

A. Rest assured, General Accident will work with you and the other driver’s insurer to ascertain where responsibilities lie. Depending on the outcome, your ‘no claims bonus’ and ‘premiums’ may be effected.

Q. Can I claim back any legal expenses?

A. Many of the expenses not covered by your policy can often be claimed back. It is typically the job of the other driver’s insurer to do this for you – therefore it is essential you provide General Accident with their contact details.

Q. Where do I get my car fixed?

A. With a network of approved UK repairers, General Accident will arrange for the work to be done for you. If not roadworthy your vehicle will be collected and returned once fixed. All repairs are usually guaranteed for three years.

Using a repairer of your choosing is an option, however, there may be an added excess of £250 on top of your policy excess. General Accident will require an estimate prior to any work being carried out.

Q. What do I do if my vehicle is written off?

A. Cars less than one year old may be replaced with a new vehicle. Older vehicles will be valued and then a cheque will generally be issued accordingly. Policies that include optional car hire cover usually mean claimants will receive a temporary car for up to 21 days.

Every situation is different…

When it comes to making a claim, every situation is unique. Thankfully, General Accident’s website holds a wealth of information. Alternatively, why not call their dedicated and knowledgeable customer services team?