Lost & stolen Oyster Cards

The Oyster Card is a fantastic way to travel around London, but what do you do if your card is lost or stolen? Unfortunately this is a common occurrence, but if you lose your card don’t panic – TfL can help you out.

What should I do if my Oyster is lost or stolen?

If you discover that your Oyster has been lost or you have had it stolen from you, you will need to call the Oyster contact number as soon as possible and without fail. You must report the card lost or stolen so that a stop can be placed on the card, preventing anyone else from using it in your name.

Upon reporting your card as missing you will have the choice whether to receive a replacement card or a refund. If you choose to take a replacement card this will be sent to you by post, or you can pick one up from an Underground station or Oyster Ticket Stop. You can transfer all outstanding tickets and passes onto any replacement card.

What if I want a refund?

If you choose to take a refund rather than a replacement card, the refund will either be sent to your online Oyster account or your bank account. However, it’s important to note that a £5 administration fee will be charged to process all refunds which include a season ticket. In some cases this can mean that no refund is payable.

What do I do if I lose a concessionary Oyster?

If you have lost a concessionary Oyster Card or had one stolen, there is a slightly different process to follow depending which type of card it is. ​The best thing to do in this situation is to call the Oyster contact number or visit the Refunds & Replacements page on the Oyster website for more information.