Littlewoods’ financial services

Littlewoods’ payments

Before exploring the financial products available at Littlewoods it is helpful to take a look at the payment options available. For your convenience we have highlighted the different methods on offer:

· Buy now pay later – this allows customers to spread the cost of their purchases is a popular choice. Please note that Littlewoods’ ‘buy now pay later’ scheme is usually available on purchases on over £50 and can be spread over 104 or 156 weeks including a usual free period at the start of your agreement. Interest will generally be added to your purchase following the free period. Please note that delivery, installation and financial services are not available on ‘buy now pay later’.

· Monthly payments – Littlewood customers are typically awarded a credit limit which is the amount you can spend up. Depending upon your credit rating and time as Littlewoods customer this limit may alter. A monthly invoice is issued (online and as a paper statement) stating the amount due for payment. Thankfully, this figure tends to me interest free. Overpayments can be made and your total will take longer to clear if only minimum payments are made.

· 2 or 4 years interest free – as the name suggests this option offers either 2 or 4 years interest free payments on your Littlewoods purchases. This option tends to be interest free for the complete duration and can be easily paid manually or by direct debit.

Littlewoods’ credit card

To apply for a Littlewoods’ credit card you must be:

1. Over 18 years old

2. Be on the electoral role

3. Not have been bankrupt in the last 12 months

Meeting this criteria doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be accepted.

How to apply:

Application is quick and secure via – you should receive a response within 60 seconds.

Littlewoods’ loans

Ranging from £1000 to £15000, Littlewood loans are designed to meet a range of needs. Repayments tend to be over a duration of 1 to 5 years, monthly payments are usually set and you could have a response in just minutes.

To apply for a Littlewoods’ loan you must be:

1. 21 years or over

2. A UK resident

3. Employed or self-employed and have an annual income of £15,000

Please note that meeting the above criteria will not mean you are automatically eligible for a Littlewoods loan.

How to apply:

You can apply for a Littlewoods loan quickly and securely via