Land Registry announce the average London house price

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According to the latest figures released by the Land Registry, the average price of a home in London sits at £499,997 and will continue to rise.

House prices in the North East fall on the opposite end of the scale, falling 0.3% from the previous year, meaning the average price in the region stands at a comparatively small £99,559.

The average price of property across England and Wales rose by 5.3%, the data discloses – the average price of a property valued at £186,553.

Centre for Economics and Business Research blamed the consistent rise in prices on the lack of properties actually for sale.

This year saw the fastest annual rise recorded in London at 9.6%, with prices between just August and September rising by 1.8%.

With a gap of £400,438 between London and the cheapest region, director of Property Partner, Rob Weaver, talks of the difficulties for people wishing to buy in London. He said: “That average prices in the capital are just a whisker off half a million pounds reinforces how buying in the capital has become a pipe dream for most first-time buyers.”

How to use Prove I Called when contacting the Land Registry

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