Instant technology replacements with Knowhow

As one of the services Knowhow provide, you are able to insure your new product with the peace of mind that you’ll receive a brand new replacement when things go wrong.

As long as the product costs £150 or less, Knowhow will replace it on the spot, even if it is broken through a mishap. And will do so for 3 whole years.

The scheme is available on an array of products from £20, including kitchen appliances, music players, cameras and printers – with no expensive repair charges.

You can benefit from no lengthy claims or paperwork as all you need is your receipt of purchase, as well as being covered worldwide, so if any product accidents happen abroad they can be replaced when you get home.

How do I buy it?

It’s easy to be as careful as possible with your product and disaster to strike, as accidents happen to the best of us. As most manufacturers only give one year warranty, it’s a great deal you can buy over the phone or instore.

You needn’t buy the care plan at the same time as the point of payment as they will give you up to one year to buy it, and you are able to cancel the care plan whenever you wish. If you replace your product the plan continues and you can return to store and replace your goods as many times as necessary within the 3 year period in your agreement as there are no limits.

What can I get in replacement?

You can replace your product with another that is up to the original price of purchase and is equivalent or has a similar specification. If a product isn’t available that fits the brief you may be able to use the value of the original product to buy something another of your choice.

Some instances and products are not covered by the care plan, including: cosmetic damage not affecting the operation; damage due to flood/wind/severe weather damage or fire (unless caused by the malfunction of item); software or data loss; theft; the product which has been neglected, abused, misused, or damaged intentionally; any inoperability of the product caused by a third party or interruption of utility supply; the replacement of batteries, bulbs, lamps and vacuum cleaner belts (regularly replaced items/consumable items); and finally a product that has been exposed to insect infestation (or similar phenomenon) or human or animal fluid/matter.

How much is Knowhow instant replacement?

The price of the one-time payment varies depending on the product. We’ve outlined the prices below:

Product price Cameras, camcorders, portable audio and eReaders (excludes mobiles and any Apple products) Vacuum cleaners Other products
£20-£40.99 £10 £12 £10
£41-£60.99 £15 £16 £12
£61-£80.99 £20 £23 £15
£81-£100.99 £25 £29 £20
£101-£120.99 £30 £34 £25
£121-£150.99 £35 £39 £30