Ingenie release some strange insurance claim stories

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Insurance firm Ingenie put together a variation of claims that have caused laughter or astonishment while hammering home the importance of their black box telematics data service.

The box tracks the driver’s location and exactly how they were driving in order for the client to receive cheaper insurance when they have proved their driving skills are worthy.  The box then has naturally proved and disproved some of the policy holder’s stories.

Ingenie said: “Insurers get a lot of weird claims – and I mean WEIRD. Embarrassing stories, scary stories, and a lot of downright hilarious stories. We’ve seen it all.”

For your entertainment, the insurance company for 17-25 year-olds has created a “real or fake” game on their website, designed to show everyone just how bizarre some insurance claims can be. (SPOILERS BELOW).

Some of the favourite and true accounts of incidents include (the names have been changed to protect the anonymity of the customers):

  • Dave – Accused of being in a crash when he was actually sat eating a McDonald’s burger. His innocence was proved with his black box data.
  • Michelle – Tried to claim car theft, when in actual fact it had rolled down a hill where she was parked and crashed into another car.
  • Jeff – accused of speeding around Manchester’s ring road – his data validated that he was actually driving along the M25 in London at the time.
  • Helen – woke up to find the neighbour’s roof had blown off overnight and flattened her car.
  • Matt – blocked by the view of large hedge in a country lane, edged his car out cautiously to be met by an oncoming tractor which completely flattened his bonnet.
  • Stephanie – had her car stolen in the space of time between her dad leaving her keys on the car seat and him going in the house to fetch some golf clubs to put in the boot. Stephanie’s black box quickly located the stolen car which was parked on the road next to the local police station.
  • Tony (our personal favourite) – got into a road-rage related argument with another motorist who then proceeded to smash up Tony’s car with five of his colleagues and their shovels.

Ingenie’s CEO, Chris McKee, said: “We’ve put together some of the claims that have made us laugh or gasp in disbelief over the years, but there is a serious message here.

“Young drivers are particularly vulnerable to accepting responsibility for incidents that weren’t their fault – earlier this year we found that over 20% of young drivers have done so.

“Having black box data that proves exactly where they were and how they were driving at the time is incredibly valuable.”

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