Important UCAS University application deadlines and dates

There are plenty of UCAS dates to put in your diary, with time dependent deadlines requiring careful planning. On this page you’ll find a rundown of a few of the most searched for deadlines, with an explanation detailing what needs to be completed by this date.

15th January, 2016 – Deadline for undergraduate applications

The majority of undergraduate courses require all applications to be completed by the 15th January. If you have applied for an art and design course, the deadline may be different. A complete application includes a full personal statement, accurate information about your academic achievements so far and a full-time reference.

If you are applying through a Sixth Form or College, a teacher or tutor will provide the reference, though it is often best to ask about the completion of your reference, particularly if you are aiming to apply early for a competitive place.

If you are no longer in education, ask an employer or supervisor for a reference. References from family members and friends are not considered acceptable.

4th May, 2016 – Deadline to reply to offers you have receive

If you have received a decision from all of the universities you have replied to by 31st March, you are required to reply to these offers by 4th May. If not, these offers are automatically declined. The required response date varies depending on whether or not you have received a decision from all of the universities that you have applied to.

If you have not received a decision by the 31st March, there is a later required response date, for further information call our UCAS Contact Number or review the UCAS Key Dates page.

18th August, 2016 – A-Level results day

The moment of truth, the day that further education students across the country find out whether they have achieved the necessary grades to meet their university entry requirements. For IB students, results day is 5th July. Students can use the adjustment and clearing services to find spaces at a different university depending on the results they have obtained.

Clearing is for students who have not achieved their target grades, adjustment is used by students who achieved better than expected results and wish to apply for a university with higher entry requirements than their firm choice.

20th September – deadline for applications to study in 2016

This is the final deadline for applications for students hoping to begin their higher education study in 2016. Applications must have arrived by 6pm. This deadline is for students going through clearing or adjustment services. Universities must respond by 20th October to applications.