I need to tell Companies House about changes to my company

There are a range of specific changes you must inform Companies House about if you choose to make them to your company.

These include any of the following:

· Your company name

· Your registered office address

· Changing where your company records are kept, if different from the above address

· Which records you’ll keep at a different address

· Changing your accounting reference date

· Directors and secretaries – any resignations, changes to personal details or new appointments

· Details of new mortgages or paid off mortgages

· Changes to your company’s share structure

It might also be important for you to inform Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) of any of the changes and some may need you to pass a resolution.

How to make the changes

It is simpler for you to make the changes online if you have already registered, but if not you can do so easily. You will have an email address and password you used to sign up to the online service, along with an authentication code that Companies House will have sent you. After the log in page you will be able to amend the changes you wish, though your address will not change until Companies House have officially registered it.

If you need to register because you haven’t used the Companies House service previously, you should use the email address and create a password online and then the government body will post you the authentication code to the registered address of your office – so make sure you are working from the same one.

The company name change should take effect immediately when you register it – the company will post you a certificate with your new company name and date of registration.

It is also possible to file any changes by post if you prefer. You can find the form on the GOV.uk website and send it to the address displayed on it.