How to keep your Netflix account secure

I think someone else is using my Netflix account

If you see streaming activity on your Netflix account that you don’t think is your own, simply sign out of every device connected to your account. This way the account will deactivate and disconnect every other device currently connected to your Netflix. This method can take up to 8 hours to take effect. If you think you know who is using your account, it’s usually quicker to just ask them to stop streaming Netflix shows.

You can view your activity history by clicking Your Account > My Profile > Viewing Activity

For more detailed recent account use you can click Viewing Activity > Recent Account Access. This will display the date and time, location (including IP Address) and the device information for the previous viewing sessions.

Should I change my password?

Changing your password is also a solution to blocking access to others that are trying to use it without your permission. Netflix say this is the best way to prevent unauthorised use, as well as ensuring the password is strong and periodically changing it.

You can change your password by clicking on Your Account when you sign into Netflix and are able to send yourself a password reset email.

Secure passwords are:
8+ characters long
A mixture of numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters
Not a name, birthday, address or anniversary or any personal information
Preferably created words that aren’t in the dictionary
Unique to each account you use

Unauthorised charges and suspicious emails

If you suspect someone is using your payment information without permission, you can contact Netflix on their contact number immediately. Unauthorised charges are taken seriously by the company; they can block any charges to your card or PayPal and immediately cancel your account.

Also take caution if you receive an email that could me masquerading as Netflix. If the email asks you for any personal information, it will be a phishing attempt and you should not click any links shown in the email. Phishing is an attempt to get personal information by representing a trusted company.