How to become an Avon representative

An Avon representative is essentially a cosmetics salesperson, however, there is much more to it. It’s a flexible earning opportunity that allows you to meet people local to you and develop skills as you build a business. As a company, Avon are committed to supporting their representatives with help and advice, as well as hosting online communities for fellow representatives to discuss the experience and products, so you needn’t feel like it’s a lonely business venture.

How do I register?

Complete the form to become a representative then your local Area Manager will get in touch and arrange a meeting, they will then talk you through how it works and answer any queries and then you can proceed as a representative. Avon intend to help you with every step, so you will receive a personalised starter kit and receive help and support from the outset, with access to materials that will help you start your business.

What happens next?

With Avon you immediately start earning when you place that first order. The joining fee is £16 and charged only when you have made the initial sale, so you do not have to pay anything upfront.

Firstly, share the brochure with work colleagues, friends, family and new customers which you can find with Avon’s support. You then place and deliver orders to the customers and collect the payments. You don’t have to have any experience in sales as long you can provide a friendly face and reliable service. Once you collect the payment from the customers, you pay Avon and then yourself.

You are able to sell online with an online brochure, so all you need to do is email that brochure link out to customers and any orders will be directed to you. The process allows you to earn on your own terms, fitting the job around your lifestyle.

With unlimited flexible earnings as an Avon rep, you can earn up to 25% of everything you sell. When you register, a personal area manager will be in touch with both a Minimum Order Value and a Higher Order Value. So, when your order is above MVO you can earn up to 20%, and above HVO you can earn up to 25%.

Other benefits

Learn and develop skills in Avon’s “My Learning Zone,” with personalised training modules to help support you, and make career progressions with the Sales Leadership scheme, if you are interested in higher earnings, recruiting, managing and motivating your own team.

Socialising with other representatives is made easy, too as you can simply organise local meetups; a great way to hear from other sellers and sales leaders. You can also do so with Avon Beauty Connects, a vibrant online community where representatives share ideas and tips about their business.

Avon also offer a range of printable sales tools with details of incentives and bonuses that are designed to help you increase your sales. Furthermore, you will have access to the newest products with First Look Magazine and become a part of Avon WOW Benefits, where you and five members of your family or friends can register to receive discounts, vouchers and offers on groceries, holidays and other exclusivities with 3000 brands.