How the Missguided affiliate programme works

To increase their online profile, Missguided use an affiliate programme, a way of guiding customers from partnered websites. The basic system includes placing links to the Missguided site from an affiliate’s site; affiliates earn a percentage of each sale that comes as a result of clicking on the link they provided.

For certain industries, such as fashion magazines and style bloggers, the affiliate programme can prove to be an important revenue source. Partnering with Missguided also leads to other benefits, including information on the latest trending items, result tracking and exclusive content.

What are the benefits to being a Missguided affiliate?

The main benefit for Missguided affiliates is financial. You can earn up to 6% commission on sales that come through your site, this can quickly add up to an impressive sum. Customers often buy a number of items at once, leading to a high Average Order Value, increasing the return on your promotion.

Affiliates also receive exclusive information on the latest lines coming to Missguided, allowing the fashion conscious to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. This system works particularly well for style bloggers who collaborate with Missguided as bloggers can advertise free Missguided clothing and receive a return through purchases made through their promotional material.

Using the Missguided affiliate tracking tool, users can figure out which items receive a high conversion rate, tailoring their content to increase their return.

How to join the Missguided affiliate programme

To join the affiliate programme, users must head to the Missguided partner site Affiliate Window. Using their online form, users can register to become an affiliate. After joining, add links and banners to your website in order to bring in that sweet sweet commission.

With the correct placement and content, visitors to your webpage will be drawn to the Missguided site to make a purchase. You can use the tracking tool to analyse your banner's effectiveness and improve its, increasing your return.

For further information about the Missguided affiliate programme, call our Missguided Contact Number or read the full terms and conditions of use.