How much are Healthy Start vouchers and where can I use them?

How much are they?

Alongside free Healthy Start vitamin supplements if you are eligible for vouchers you will get:

If you are pregnant - £3.10 a week
For each baby aged under one - £6.20 a week (two vouchers)
For each child aged over one but under four - £3.10

The vouchers are sent by post every four weeks and can be used in most supermarkets and local retailers. They do not count towards your income when you work out your entitlement for other benefits and allowances.

What can I spend them on?

Plain cow’s milk – this means only whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, whether pasteurised, sterilised or UHT. You are unable to spend the voucher on any coloured, flavoured, condensed, evaporated or powdered milk (other than infant formula). It also cannot be goat’s, soya or any form of milkshake or vitamin-enriched milk.

Plain fresh or frozen fruit and veg – only whole, chopped, packaged or loose fruit and vegetables, with no added ingredients. Vouchers will not be accepted for any dried, canned, pre-cooked or juiced vegetables or any with added oil, salt, sugar or flavourings such as oven chipped and onion rings.

Infant formula milk – only formula that says on the packaging it ‘suitable from birth’ that is based on cow’s mik. You will not be able to spend the vouchers on formula based on soya or goat’s milk formulas or any follow-on milk suitable for babies aged six months and older. As formula is suitable for babies up to 12 months you can then use the same vouchers to buy cow’s milk from then on.

Where can I use them?

Any shop that is registered as part of the Healthy Start scheme will accept your vouchers. A range of local corner shops, co-ops, market stalls, greengrocers, pharmacies, supermarkets and even milk floats will be happy to swap the coupons for food and drink.

There should be a Healthy Start sticker in the window of the stores if they are registered retailers. Though it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a retailer that accepts the vouchers you can get in touch with Healthy Start to help you find one. If you ask inside and the shop is not registered, you could inform them of the scheme yourself and direct them to the information sheet or website. It’s free for them to register and they are reimbursed by Healthy Start – tell them to call the Healthy Start contact number for more information and an application form.