How does Prove I Called work?

Making a call to a company can be frustrating – being passed from person to person, having to explain your query over and over, sitting listening to tedious hold music for minutes on end… Your frustrations can be added to if the call doesn’t go well either, and your query isn’t solved or you experience poor customer service. In this instance, you may wish to make a complaint to the company’s customer relations team.

Raising a complaint – with the help of Prove I Called

Upon calling a customer relations team to make a complaint or raise a dispute, you will need to supply the staff member Complaint Letterwith your call details – including the date and time of your call, the call duration and the number you called from. You may not have made a note of this following your first call to the company, and it is likely that a company will not be able to fully handle your complaint without the full call details. Supplying the call details also helps the team member track down which call centre handled your original call, and which employee you spoke to. This is important to make sure the employee is disciplined accordingly. If the company records their calls, they will also be able to gain access to the conversation itself, which can also help your cause.

This is where Prove I Called comes in handy. If you make your original call to the company of your choice using one of the contact numbers listed on our site, we will store your call details in our dedicated database – this is, of course, safe and secure for your peace of mind. Whenever you decide you need proof of your call, simply email us with the date of your call, the company you contacted and the number you called from and we will reply with your precise call details. These details include the exact time and date of your call and call duration. It may not sound like much but these stats are invaluable when it comes to raising a dispute with a company’s customer relations team.

Once you have your details

Once you’ve got the call details, you can offer these to the customer relations team, and your complaint should be handled in a far more effective manner. The staff member you speak to is likely to take your complaint more seriously if you can offer up your call details in support of your claim. An effective customer relations team should handle your dispute quickly and effectively, offering you compensation or at the very least an apology for your inconvenience.