How can I leave Talkmobile?

Talkmobile will be sad to see you leave, but you will be able to do so at any time during the contract.

How to cancel

If you are at the end of your contract term, all you need to do is inform them you are leaving with 30 days’ notice. However, if you’re still in your contract term and want to leave, you will need to pay remaining monthly charges for the time left after you have made request to cancel.

Talkmobile will give you a date when all services on your contract will come to an end and you will be able to use your phone as normal until that date. After that you could receive up to three bills which may all be different, depending on if you left before or after the end of you contract.

Can I not leave for free?

There only free option to cancel your contract, other than at the end, is within the ‘cooling off period.’ This is the 14 days after initially taking out the contract, just like the 14 days returns policy you get with many other purchases. This means you can opt out of your contract for free if you haven’t exceeded the allowances of your contract, though you will be charged a fee of £5 for a DPD courier to collect the phone. Remember, after this period you will be locked into your contract and the only way to get out of it is to pay the remaining months.

Direct debit advice

Talkmobile advise that you leave your direct debit open for 90 days after you make the request to leave to ensure your final bills are processed successfully. They ask you do not cancel your direct debit while those bills are processed in the 30-day cancellation window as you could potentially miss payments.

Can I keep my number?

The way to keep your number when changing mobile phone providers is the same across the board. You will need to request your PAC code when cancelling the contract and can do so by calling 5888 from your Talkmobile phone for free, or 0333 304 8064 from any other phone. Ensure you request this before you cancel your account as Talkmobile will not be able to give you it afterwards.

We also advise you keep hold of your PAC code because you will need to use it when transferring your phone number to a new company and phone.

If you wish to keep the same phone but wish to change company, you will also need to unlock it from the Talkmobile network. You can do so by calling the same numbers as above and a member of their customer service team will help you.