Had a problem with your Amazon Prime delivery?

Amazon Prime is more than an on-demand video streaming service, they also offer customers free next day delivery and, in some cases, same day delivery, depending on your postcode. While the service is reliable, there can be issues with undelivered items or packages posted to the wrong address.

I have not received my expected delivery

If you ordered an item but did not receive it the following day, the first plan of action is to contact the delivery service responsible for its delivery. You can find out which delivery service Amazon used to deliver your package by reviewing your billing and order information. When contacting the courier service, have your tracking number on hand to make the problem reporting process as quick and easy as possible.

Keep in mind that certain delivery services continue to deliver up to 10pm; if you finalised your order close to the next day delivery deadline it may be delivered later in the day. This is also true of popular products, such as items ordered for a certain release date.

How to track an order

Amazon provide a parcel tracking service to customers on certain products delivered through an Amazon seller, these tend to be products that are available for Amazon Prime next day delivery. Customers can track a package to see if the parcel is out for delivery or still at a pickup location. This is a particularly useful feature for customers that need a rough time estimate of when a package will be delivered.

To track your order, use the Your Orders section in the sidebar of the Your Account section of Amazon.com. After finding the order you would like to track, find and click on the Track Package option. This will provide customers with information on whether the package is at the depot, out for delivery or has been delivered.

Parcels that are returned to Amazon as Undeliverable

If a parcel is marked as undelivered by Amazon, you will receive a full refund, including delivery costs. Parcels can be undelivered for a number of reasons, including incorrect addresses, items refused by the recipient or packages that are damaged whilst in possession of a courier.

There can also be issues with addresses that the Amazon delivery processing system does not recognise or postage labels that are illegible. Use our Amazon Prime Contact Number if you would like to call their customer service team to report an undelivered package or find out why your parcel was not delivered.