Get a free Water Efficiency Check with Severn Trent Water

In order to potentially lower you water bill, Severn Trent are currently offering a free Home Water Efficiency Check for selected customers.

What is it?

Technicians will visit your home and check for any leaks and any simple repairs that can be made to taps and toilets. A member of Severn Trent will arrive at the time of your appointment showing their ID card.

If you have a single flush toilet they can also convert it to a dual flush so you are only using the water you need. Furthermore, they can assess the flow rate of your shower and taps to see if any water efficiency device will benefit you.

The test will take under an hour and will supply the installation of free money and water-saving devices around the home where appropriate. When they have done so they will provide you with a certificate of the devices and estimate how much money you will save every year by using a Water Efficiency Calculator.

How do I get a Water Efficiency Check?

All you need to do to check your eligibility is to enter your postcode into the form on the Severn Trent Water website where you will receive more information and book an appointment.

Why should I get a Water Efficiency Check?

It goes without saying that saving money on both water and utility bills is a positive thing. By using less water, you use less gas to heat the water.

It is also possible to order some free water-saving products online for Severn Trent Water customers. All you need to do is select items you would like and add the items to your basket, like buying any other products online.

Some products they offer include:
‘The Hippo’ – designed by Severn Trent the device is inserting into the toilet cistern and saves up to 1.2 litres of water per flush

Shower timer – a four minute shower timer designed to ensure you cut energy and water bills

‘ShowerSave’ – regulates your hot water flow to 8 litres per minute

‘Fat Trap’ – traps oil, fat and grease instead of you pouring the oil into your sink and blocking it when it solidifies. This device also aids the main sewerage system and is great for the environment

Have a look at Severn Trent Water products on offer here.