General Accident Complaints

Making a complaint

General Accident pride themselves on providing the utmost in customer service, however, there may be times when they don’t live up to expectation. In such circumstances you may feel the need to complain. This article explores the various ways in which to air your grievance.

24/7 customer service

Recently taken out a policy and need to complain? General Accident’s customer services are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, for up to 35 days after arranging a policy. Following the initial 35 day period the dedicated 24/7 service is removed. Customers should then contact the General Accident team by emailing via a short online form at

Having your policy number or quote number ready is essential when emailing with your complaint.

Once your complaint has been received it will be logged and passed to the right member of the General Accident team.

Want to cancel your General Accident policy?

Certain circumstances may even lead you to cancelling your cover with General Accident. Thankfully policy cancellations can be easily managed online. What’s more, cancel online and those unwanted administration fees can be avoided.

Your step-by-step guide to online policy cancellation

Step 1. Log into your General Accident account.

Step 2. Select, ‘My Policies’.

Step 3. Press ‘Cancel’. If your policy hasn’t started yet, it is advisable to ensure your cancellation date is on the same as your policy start date.

Step 4. A drop down menu will feature reasons for cancellation – please select one.

Step 5. Select ‘cancel policy’ then surrender your policy certificate.

Cancellations – commonly asked questions

Q. Are there any charges if I cancel my policy?

A. It all depends on your situation, for example:

· Cancelling your policy before its official start date usually means you will receive a full refund – however credit card charges may be included.

· Cancelling your policy within 14-days of your start date there is typically a cancellation charge of £25, a pro rata fee for the time you have been covered and where applicable Insurance Premium Tax.

Q. The General Accident policy holder has passed away, what do I do?

A. A copy (scan or digital copy) of the death certificate needs to emailed to Essential information also includes the policy holders name, address, date of birth and vehicle recognition.