Frequently asked questions about AA Breakdown

We understand that you may have some queries when taking on a new AA Breakdown policy, and that’s why we’ve answered some frequently asked questions on this page. If you have any more questions about the AA, simply give the contact number a call and you’ll connect directly to a customer advisor.

Why should I choose AA Breakdown?

As an organisation with over 100 years’ experience, it goes without saying that the AA is one of the most trusted and respected motoring firms in the UK. The AA is the UK’s largest breakdown organisation, fixing more vehicles at the roadside than any other companies. All roadside assistance is cost-free, and more than 95% of customer breakdown cover reviews are positive. You will also enjoy exclusive member benefits which could end up saving you more than the cost of joining the AA in the first place.

Can I buy AA Breakdown Cover if I’ve already broken down?

If your vehicle is currently broken down, you are not able to buy cover. However, you can still call the AA Breakdown emergency line to arrange cover and assistance. You can contact the emergency number using 0800 88 77 66.

How soon will I be covered if I purchase AA Breakdown Cover now?

If you are purchasing your cover online, your Roadside Assistance will begin as soon as your application has been successfully processed. Upon process you will be emailed confirmation of your cover. Your documents and membership cards will arrive in the post within 28 days.

Some other services will start slightly later; if you have opted for Cover at Home, National Recovery and Onward Travel, these services will begin 24 hours after your membership commences. Parts and Garage Cover will begin 14 days after your cover commences.

What payment types can I use on my AA Breakdown Cover?

There are three different ways to pay for your cover – annually by card, annually by Direct Debit, or monthly by Direct Debit.

If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll need to pay an initial deposit by card before your Direct Debit is set up. Your first payment will go out in a fortnight’s time, following by payments on or around the same date of each month.

You can also make a one-off payment for just one year of cover – you can do so by calling the AA contact number listed below.