EE Business contact number – 0843 504 0086

EE Business contact number

EE provides a wide range of business products including mobile phone services, broadband, landline and connected business point of sale solutions. EE’s business mobile phone department offers a wide range of choices for customers. Their pay monthly service, payable through a bank direct debit or, for business, payment on invoice, often provides a mobile phone line through a dedicated SIM and a free or low cost top of the range mobile phone. They also provide a pay as you go service where users can top up whenever they choose through their bank or at pay point throughout the UK. EE also operate a SIM only service so that customers who already own a mobile phone can obtain a cheap line rental.

Using Prove I Called to phone the EE Business contact number

If you need to make a call to the EE Business contact number, call using Prove I Called and you will also be able to request evidence of your call, including all the pertinent information you may need if you are to complain to the company. These details include the time of the call, duration and the number you phoned from – information which could help if you need to escalate an issue later on. Call the EE Business contact number today to speak to a member of their helpline team.

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Other ways to contact the EE Business team

A business can choose a single service or contract several mobile phones into one convenient agreement. To find out about EE’s business mobile phone services please call EE Business contact number 0800 956 6100.

EE Business also offers broadband and landline services for business customers to ensure that your business is always connected. This is an important consideration for business customers and EE’s reliable reputation helps business to be online continuously.

As well as telephone and broadband services, business customers can enjoy EE’s connected retail service. This provides a point of sale solution so that businesses can quickly and easily take credit and debit card services in store. With a full range of business reporting, including stock management and sales figures EE Business uses Shopwave in its business connectivity bundle. To understand the EE business connectivity bundles better, you can reach EE business on the EE Business contact number 0800 956 6100.

In order to help small businesses, EE runs competitions and challenges so that entrepreneurs can become connected and will not have to worry about drop-out or disconnections in their business day. Providing point of sale solutions through a dedicated iPad, EE gives an all-round business connectivity experience to start-ups and provide funding for those who win challenges and competitions. For details of all EE’s business services, contact the EE Business contact number on 0800 956 6100.