EDF contact number – 0843 504 3682

EDF contact number

EDF Energy is certainly one of the biggest utility companies in the United Kingdom. In fact it is known as one of the big six energy companies due to the millions of customers EDF provide energy for. Although EDF Energy is a very well established and well known British energy company it is actually a French owned business. It’s global headquarters are based in Paris, France where trading takes place. However for everyday customers who have domestic queries, the EDF Energy contact number can easily be found as it is listed on the EDF Energy website.

Phoning the EDF contact number through Prove I Called

Looking to call the EDF contact number? Call through to their main customer service helpline today using our dedicated Prove I Called number. By using this number, our unique platform will mean that you have access to proof that you did indeed make the call. This information can prove to be useful in any future disputes you may raise with the company, especially related to complaints or queries. Whatever your issue, call the EDF contact number today.

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Other ways to call the EDF Energy team

In order to ensure that customers simply choose the correct EDF Energy contact number there are lots of different telephone number to choose from. Other forms of communication are available which include, e-mail or live chat with an advisor; it is a very efficient and modern way to access an immediate response.

The EDF Energy website clearly lists every EDF Energy contact number available and are clearly defined. Furthermore, the telephone numbers are free from a land-line as they begin with 0800. For instance, customers who have a query with their account or the bills that they have received should call, 0800 056 7777. For customers who have direct debit queries relating to their monthly or quarterly billing should call, 0800 096 2260.

In the event of an emergency such as a gas leak, then customers should call, 0800 111 999 which is a 24 hour line open every day of the year. For those customers who wish to simply pay their energy bills using an automotive method then there is also a number for that method too. (0800 015 1736) As a company which is committed to customer service and customer care, it is no surprise that customers who are having financial difficulties can call EDF’s independent debt advice helpline.

If you wish to contact EDF directly, you can do so in the following ways:

EDF postal address:

Customer Service Director
334 Outland Road

EDF official website: