Driving licence issues with the VOSA

To drive in the United Kingdom, you need a valid licence. Licences vary from vehicle to vehicle; a regular driving licence does not entitle you to drive a motorcycle, an HGV or a bus. Each different type of vehicle requires a different licence, proving that you are capable of driving the particular vehicle.

For new UK residents, you may need to apply for a UK licence if your current licence is not regarded as a valid driving licence. Through the DVSA, you can apply for a provisional licence, change your current licence, popular edits include name changes and updated photographs, and renew your photo-card licence should it be approaching or past its expiry date.

There are a variety of different categories of driving licence and, depending on when you first passed your driving test, your driving licence will differ from other people’s.

You may also wish to contact the DVSA to discuss penalty points that you’ve received following a driving offence.

Applying for a driving licence through the VOSA

Whether you are applying for your provisional licence or your HGV licence, you can do so through the DVSA.

For a provisional driving licence, you need to be aged 17 or over (barring certain circumstances that involve PIP receivers) and you must meet the minimum eyesight requirements. More information about minimum eyesight requirements can be found here. You must be a resident of Great Britain, but keep in mind that there is a different driving licence service for Northern Ireland.

When applying, you will need to pay a fee of £34, paid by credit or debit card. You’ll also need a valid UK passport, or another form of identity, and know your National Insurance number. You are also required to provide addresses of anywhere you’ve lived over the past three years.

This information is correct for standard car licence applications. If you are applying for another licence, such as an HGV or motorcycle licence, we recommend you research the specific licence as there are a number of regulations that vary based on the vehicle you are applying for.

Changing or renewing your driving licence

You can renew your licence online, provided you have not changed your name or you are not renewing a 5 year truck or bus licence. A photo-card licence must be renewing every 10 years. Renewal costs £14.

There is no renewal charge if you are aged 70 or over. At the age of 70 or over, your licence must be renewed every three years. You can find out more about renewal requirements by calling the Prove I Called VOSA Contact Number.

To change details on your licence, such as your name, title, photograph and address, you will need to head online to the DVSA website and either download the correct form or complete an online application. Name and title changes require a posted form. Photo and address changes can be completed online.