Customers save £85m with HSBC and First Direct overdraft alerts


HSBC and First Direct have saved their customers a staggering £85m in charges since text alerts were introduced last year.

The text message warnings notify a customer when they are about to go into the minuses and allows them to avoid incurring expensive fees.

HSBC and First Direct introduced the scheme that removes the risk of incurring unauthorised overdraft charges a year ago and in its first month sent over 1.2m texts. By September 2015, the number had amounted to 1.5m.

Britain’s biggest bank, HSBC found that 72% of First Direct customers were sent the cautionary message were able to avoid the fees because of the text, as were 50% of HSBC customers. 

Previous to the scheme, the bank charged customers £25 every time they fell into the red, but the structure that has been in place for a year, alongside the SMS service, is £5 per day once entering an unauthorised overdraft; capped at a monthly fee of £80.

Since the bank’s revenue has fallen in the first nine months of 2015, one of the causes could be the reduction of income made from overdraft fees. Although some other banks also offer the text service, it’s unclear how it has affected revenues.

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