Current accounts with Metro Bank

As you would expect, Metro Bank’s most popular service is their current account provision. With a Metro Bank current account, you can govern your personal finances in store, online and over the phone. A current account is your personal bank account, one that you can withdraw money from whenever you need a bit of cash.

There is no monthly fee for using a Metro Bank current account and their accounts support MasterCard PayPass contactless debit card payments. You can also make free transaction in Europe. Legally, Europe consists of countries included in the SEPA, the Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA consists of the 28 EU member states, the European Free Association, San Marino and Monaco.

Switching to a Metro Bank current account

One of the reasons that many account holders avoid changing to another bank is all of the kerfuffle that surrounds the changing process. In order to entice customers to their service, Metro Bank aim to make the transfer process as simple as possible.

When transferring an account, Metro Bank move all current payments across to your new current account. This includes direct debits, standing orders, credits and income. If you are set to receive a payment to your non-Metro Bank account, it will be forwarded to your new account for a total of three years.

Metro Bank will match your existing overdraft limit (wherever possible) and can switch accounts over whenever you’d like, with transfers taking a certain number of working days. You can find out more about the transfer process by calling the Prove I Called Metro Bank Contact Number.

Metro Bank current account terms and conditions

There are a number of rules and regulations to consider when applying for a current account. You can only apply if you are aged 18 or over and you’re a United Kingdom resident. You do not pay credit interest on your current account and Metro Bank will do a credit check when you apply for a current account.

How do I apply for a Metro Bank current account?

To open a Metro Bank current account, visit your local branch of Metro Bank. You can find out more information by calling the Metro Bank contact number or by downloading the information package from the Metro Bank website.