Clydesdale Bank contact number – 0843 168 0243

Clydesdale Bank contact number

If you need to call the Clydesdale Bank contact number, do so now to speak to a member of their customer services team. They are one of the largest banks in the Uk, and have a contact team to match this. There are a variety of different ways to do this, including by calling the Prove I Called phone number.

Phoning the Clydesdale Bank contact number through Prove I Called

When you call the Clydesdale Bank contact number, you may later need to raise a complaint with the organisation. This is one problem that we have all come across at some point – especially given how hard it can be to get assistance from certain helplines. However, when you dial a Prove I Called number, you can later get proof that you did in fact make the call. This gives you another weapon in your arsenal if you later need to escalate a complaint. Call the Clydesdale Bank contact number now.

  Call the Clydesdale Bank contact number now

Are you looking for Clydesdale Bank contact number? To avoid the hustle of calling Clydesdale Bank and waiting to be served, the information herein answers the most common questions on the bank’s Personal Banking.

What banking options are available?

You can bank online, on a local branch, or by phone. You can also withdraw money from ATMs. There is a branch locator on the bank’s website which has a bank locator.

What current accounts are available?

Current accounts include Signature Current Account which has an insurance cover and which allows you to get discounts at some stores, Current Account Direct is managed via internet banking and telephone, Current Account Control helps you avoid unplanned borrowing charges, Readycash is mostly used for regular household bills and Current Account Plus allows for an overdraft.

Does the bank have a credit card?

The bank has a credit card called Gold MasterCard. It attracts 0% interest on purchases from account opening to 26 months and 0% on balance transfers from account opening to 12 months.

What savings accounts are available?

Term deposit helps you earn interest on your savings from 3 to 60 months with a deposit of over £2,000. Tax-free Cash ISA savings helps you accumulate interest on cash saved. Vision Tax Exempt Savings Plan (TESP) helps you save £25 monthly. There are several other saving plans available, including some for children. Details are available on the company’s website.

Does the bank offer loans?

Clydesdale Bank fixed rate personal loan allows you to borrow between £1,000 and £25,000. You will get a reduced total charge if you pay early. The interest is as low as 3.8% APR.

What safety measures has the bank put in place? The bank complies with the SYSC (Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls sourcebook) 4.3A.11R of the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Important Contacts

  • You can call 0800 345 7 365 around the clock for other general inquiries (and +44 141 951 7320 from outside the UK)
  • Contact your branch or contact 0800 345 7 365 in case of a lost or stolen credit card.
  • Call 0800 345 7 365 for telephone banking around the clock.
  • If you have an existing mortgage and you have an inquiry, call 0800 121 4203.
  • To talk to a loans advisor, the Clydesdale Bank contact number to call is 0800 707 6471.