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Yorkshire Water contact number – 0843 504 7395

Yorkshire Water contact number

Whether you need the Yorkshire Water contact number to report a problem in your area, to query an unusual bill or amend your personal details, the number provided should be the solution to your problem. By calling through our Prove I Called number, you’ll also be able to gain access to evidence that you made the call if you such desire. These details, which include the time, duration and number details of your call, can help in case of a dispute. Call the Yorkshire Water contact number today.


You can also contact Yorkshire Water in the following ways:

Yorkshire Water postal address:

Western House
Halifax Road

Yorkshire Water website:

First Utility contact number – 0843 504 3787


First Utility is the UK’s leading independent energy supplier. If you need to call the First Utility contact number, whether to find out more about the services they provide or to amend your current details, dial our number today to have your issue swiftly resolved. If you make a call using the Prove I Called number, you will also be safe in the knowledge that we have the proof of your call. By logging precise call details, we can provide you with the evidence of your call, which can prove useful if you ever need to make a dispute with the supplier. Dial the First Utility contact number today to have your issue handled.


You can also contact First Utility directly using the below methods:

First Utility postal address:

Point 3
Opus 40 Business Park
Haywood Road
CV34 5AH

First Utility website:

Southern Electric contact number – 0843 504 3719

Southern Electric contact number

Modern electricity and gas supply companies can now claim that they are more environmentally friendly than ever before. With billions being spent every year on new technology, it will ensure a safer and more economical electricity supply for the end consumer for now, and in the future. Companies such as Southern Electric, with their cheap rate contact number, are endeavouring to reduce bills for their customers at every stage.

Phoning Southern Electric through Prove I Called

Problems with your power supply that only the Southern Electric contact number team can properly address? Give them a ring and have a member of their customer service team quickly and effectively manage your enquiry. Whether it is setting up a new account, dealing with an existing subscription or even paying off a bill, their staff will be more than happy to assist you. In additiion, when you call through our dedicated Prove I Called Southern Electric number, you have the peace of mind of knowing that evidence of you call have been logged. Therefore, if you ever need to log a complaint in the future, you are likely to have a much stronger case. Ring the Southern Electric contact number now and have your matter dealt with, fast.

   Call the Southern Electric contact number now

Other ways to contact Southern Electric

Cheap energy tariffs entice customers to sign up to local electricity supply companies. But in the long run, which is the cheapest electricity? Bearing in mind global warming and other green issues. Telephone for residential or commercial electricity rates and although most companies are quite similar, which one actually costs the Earth less in the long run?

Electric companies, such as Southern Electric, have an on going commitment spanning decades to introduce cheaper electricity prices. It can be successfully achieved with the introduction of wind farms, wave power, and other green energy producing techniques.

Southern electric’s green deal is a government sponsored initiative allowing customers to insulate their property with no up front cost. This ensures a reduction in household heating bills and reduces the carbon footprint. With a fully insulated home and cheaper electricity and gas bills, no wonder Southern Electric customers are very snug.

The Southern Electric contact number allows all business and residential customers to partake in this green deal initiative. Other money saving methods include the installation of pay as you go meters. This method of paying helps reduce the quantity of gas and electricity used by showing daily usage.

Different Southern Electric departments

If moving home, simply use the Southern Electric contact number and they will ensure a smooth transition. Switching energy supplier with Southern electric, whether in a new house, or other residential property, is made simple with one easy phone call.

With the extremely fast pace of modern life, many residential customers unfortunately forget to ensure that their utility bills have been paid on time. This can lead to upsetting scenes for the whole family. Online billing, paying electric and gas bills by direct debit, is an easy method to settle bills. Direct debit payments not only ensure an uninterrupted supply, but a discount also applies to all customers whom choose to pay this way.

For decades Southern Electricity has been at the heart of the community. The simple to understand pay as you go tariffs, and the price and tariff information pages on the website are easily negotiated. Estimated bills are never over bearing and are an accurate usage estimate based on previous usage. If individuals are having trouble paying their electric bill, then they should not worry. Simply call the Southern electric telephone number for assistance with alternative payment programs. Even the bills are available in many different languages and in braille.

By using the Southern Electric contact number, business and residential users can begin receiving cheaper electricity and gas. Sometimes the cheapest electricity rates on offer, are even cheaper, and greener, than anyone ever thought.

If you would like to get in touch with Southern Electric in a way other than phoning, you can do so via the following:

Southern Electric postal address:

Southern Electric head office (SSE)
Inveralmond House
200 Dunkeld Road

Official website:

npower contact number – 0843 504 3693

npower contact number

Problem with npower? Call their contact number now and have a member of their customer service helpline team deal with your electricity, gas or other issues immediately .npower is an energy company that offers a wide range of energy solutions for individuals within the home. As well as gas and electricity services, the npower company also offers a variety of services involving boilers and heating and can benefit the environment by focusing on ways in which to save energy, so as to be kinder to the carbon footprint. Individuals who use npower will gain access to their own account and can use this to contact npower if they have any queries. Individuals can also use the npower contact number if they need to get in contact with a member of the customer services team so as to ask a question concerning their account.

Calling npower through Prove I Called

By calling the npower contact number provided on Prove I Called, you will be able to later retrieve details of your call – which can sometimes prove vital in the complaints procedure. Any pressing matter can be dealt with by their UK call centres, and they can also address straightforward things such as general enquiries and changes of address. Call the npower contact number now.

   Call the npower contact number now

Other ways to phone the npower contact number

If you want to contact npower you can do so via the npower contact number, and this is 0800 073 3000. This npower contact number is available to all individuals who are based in the UK and can be used via landlines. If you have a mobile device and want to contact npower then you can do so via the number 0330 100 3000. These numbers are available from Monday to Friday and are open from 8 AM in the morning until 8 PM in the evening. This number can also be accessed on Saturday and is available from 8 AM in the morning until 6 PM in the evening.

The npower website is also available for individuals who may have any queries concerning their account and the services that npower offer and this website has a wide range of links to information concerning the bill that you will receive when you are with npower, as well as the way in which npower calculate the direct debit of a customer. There is also information on the site about how to pay an npower bill and there is guidance for individuals who are struggling to pay the bill. There is also a page on the website that offers frequently asked questions and this can be useful for individuals who have any queries that are commonly asked.

There is also an online live chat function that is available on the website and this will allow you the ability to connect with the customer services advisor who may be able to assist you with your issue.

If you would like to get in touch with npower using something other than your phone, you can do so using the following:

npower postal address:

PO Box 109

Official website:

Scottish Power contact number – 0843 504 3691

Scottish Power contact number

If you have any issues with your utilities provider, call the Scottish Power contact number now. Their customer service helpline team should be able to quickly and effectively deal with your enquiry – whether it is about an issue you are having with your billing or any other matter. By dialling through the Prove I Called phone number, you will be directly connected through to their main helpline switchboard, all with the added advantage of having evidence that you called – perfect for any issues that are later escalated into a complaint. Ring the Scottish Power contact number now and get the assistance you require.


If you’re more comfortable not calling Scottish Power, they can also be reached here:

Scottish Power postal address:

Scottish Power head office
1 Atlantic Quay,
G2 8SP

Official website:

British Gas Contact Number – 0843 504 3680

Who are British Gas?

British Gas is the largest energy provider in the United Kingdom, serving around 12 million homes with gas and electricity. The original company started operating in 1812, under the name the Gas Light and Coke Company. Under Lady Thatcher, the company was privatised.

British Gas provide a wide range of products and services, including gas and electricity quotes, boiler repair and servicing, in addition to housing insurance and insulation.

What can I get help with when I call the British Gas contact number?

If you’ve had any problem with British Gas, it’s important to call them as quickly as possible. This is particularly true for customers who have had an issue with their boiler, it’s vital that account holders report an issue as soon as it occurs. This also includes central heating breakdown and electricity outages, report any issues you’ve had to British Gas as soon as they appear. If you suspect that you have had electricity or gas stolen from your property, call British Gas to report the theft.

To do their bit for the environment, British Gas offer advice to customers on how to use less energy and reduce their gas bill, with smart metres, Hive Active Heating and free home insulation. Free home insulation is subsidised by a government initiative, though not every house qualifies. You can call to find out more about the various energy saving options by calling British Gas.

Issues with billing and payment can also be solved by calling British Gas. Metre readings and energy bills vary, leading to a number of complications with payments. You can also call if you are not currently a British Gas member and would like to sign up, opening an energy and gas account with the company.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

We know how stressful it can be when contacting a company. Prove I Called keeps a record of the time, date and duration of your call to a company. This service is perfect for ongoing calls to a business, or when you have run into issues with a company. Prove I Called is not affiliated with any company listed in our directory.

To request your call details please email with your phone number and the date you called. With that information, we can provide you with an independent email confirming the details of the call, this email can be forwarded to the company you are contacting as evidence of your call. Calls to 084 numbers cost 5p from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles and other providers may be considerably more.

British Gas phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 6pm
Emergency lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Company address & email

British Gas
PO Box 227
S98 1PD

Social Media accounts

Facebook: British Gas
Twitter: @BritishGas
YouTube: British Gas

EDF contact number – 0843 504 3682

EDF contact number

EDF Energy is certainly one of the biggest utility companies in the United Kingdom. In fact it is known as one of the big six energy companies due to the millions of customers EDF provide energy for. Although EDF Energy is a very well established and well known British energy company it is actually a French owned business. It’s global headquarters are based in Paris, France where trading takes place. However for everyday customers who have domestic queries, the EDF Energy contact number can easily be found as it is listed on the EDF Energy website.

Phoning the EDF contact number through Prove I Called

Looking to call the EDF contact number? Call through to their main customer service helpline today using our dedicated Prove I Called number. By using this number, our unique platform will mean that you have access to proof that you did indeed make the call. This information can prove to be useful in any future disputes you may raise with the company, especially related to complaints or queries. Whatever your issue, call the EDF contact number today.

  Call the EDF contact number now 

Other ways to call the EDF Energy team

In order to ensure that customers simply choose the correct EDF Energy contact number there are lots of different telephone number to choose from. Other forms of communication are available which include, e-mail or live chat with an advisor; it is a very efficient and modern way to access an immediate response.

The EDF Energy website clearly lists every EDF Energy contact number available and are clearly defined. Furthermore, the telephone numbers are free from a land-line as they begin with 0800. For instance, customers who have a query with their account or the bills that they have received should call, 0800 056 7777. For customers who have direct debit queries relating to their monthly or quarterly billing should call, 0800 096 2260.

In the event of an emergency such as a gas leak, then customers should call, 0800 111 999 which is a 24 hour line open every day of the year. For those customers who wish to simply pay their energy bills using an automotive method then there is also a number for that method too. (0800 015 1736) As a company which is committed to customer service and customer care, it is no surprise that customers who are having financial difficulties can call EDF’s independent debt advice helpline.

If you wish to contact EDF directly, you can do so in the following ways:

EDF postal address:

Customer Service Director
334 Outland Road

EDF official website:

EON contact number – 0843 504 3679

EON contact number

EON energy is a power company in the United Kingdom, they were called Powergen from 1989 until 2004. Their headquarters are based in Coventry, England although they do have many offices and power stations throughout the UK. Because they are such a huge company its sometimes hard to find the right EON contact number when you want to talk to them.

Calling the EON contact number through Prove I Called

Issues with your utility provider? Call the EON contact number now and get their customer service team to make sure that your matter is resolved as quickly as possible. Their team are able to manage all sorts of gas and electricity problems, which is why they are among the most phoned of any helpline around. By ringing through a Prove I Called number, you will be able to later have evidence that you did in fact dial – ideal for situations that may later lead to a complaint. If you have any problem, ring the EON contact number now and get their call centre staff to answer your query.

   Call the EON contact number

Other ways to contact EON

Gas Eon Contact Number and Problems.

If its a gas emergency, either you smell gas and suspect there may be a leak or your gas is shut off for some reason, you should skip EON completely and call the national gas service emergency line on 0800 111 999. If your cooker or some other gas device isn’t working you can call them to get an engineer out to have a look at it on 0800 051 1470.
Sometimes things can go wrong with their prepayment meters too, if you have credit on your meter and there’s no gas you should call them on 0345 300 8144

If you have gas devices in your home you should always be sage and have a Carbon Monoxide tester. If you don’t go out and get one now, you can make sure your gas appliances are properly installed by calling an EON gas safe engineer on 0800 051 1470.

Electrical Eon Contact Number and Problems.

When putting cash into your prepayment meter and you are having trouble with it give the electrical EON contact number a ring on 0345 303 3040.

There are many different numbers for you to call when you have other problems with your EON electricity, it all depends on where about you live in the country.

In East England you need to phone the UK Power Networks on 0800 783 8838, the East Midlands are handled by Western Power Distribution on 0800 6783 105, London is ran by UK Power Networks you can call them on 0800 783 8838, the North West is handled by Scottish Power Energy Networks their number is 0845 272 7999, the West Midlands is handled by Western Power Distribution their phone number is 0800 6783 105, Northern Powergrid handles North East England you can call them on 0800 668 877, Electricity Northwest Ltd handles the North West their number is 0800 195 4141, the north of Scotland is handled by Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution phone them on 0800 300 999, South East England is controlled by UK Power Networks and their number is 0800 783 8838, Southern England is handled by Southern Electric Power Distribution phone them on 0800 072 7282, South Wales and South West England problems are handled by Western Power Distribution on 0800 6783 105, Northern Powergrid handles the whole of Yorkshire and their number is 0800 375 675.

For general inquiries you can phone 02476 424 242 to talk to someone at EON, If you are a business give them a call on 0333 202 4920.

For matters where you need to speak to EON directly, you can get in touch with their customer service team here:

EON postal address

Westwood Way
Westwood Business Park
West Midlands

Official website: