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The different BT Sport packages

There are a variety of BT Sport packages available to new and existing customers, designed to accommodate a variety or viewing habits. These range from low cost, stripped down deals that allow customers access to the core features, to the technologically advanced BT Sport Ultra HD channel, the first ultra HD channel in the United Kingdom with a resolution supposedly four times stronger than regular HD.

To find out about the prices of subscribing to each service, you can call our BT Sport Contact Number. Their customer service team can explain the various payment plans involved with each package, helping you to find the lowest price for the package you’d like.

The BT Sport Pack

The BT Sport Pack features a total of 8 channels, it is the standard version of the BT Sport package. The 8 channels included in this pack are BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe, BT Sport ESPN, and an HD version of those four channels.

These channels broadcast a variety of sports, including football, from the Premiership and Champions League to the end to end action of the Conference, or National League as it is now known.

Other sports include Rugby Union, UFC and Tennis, with a couple of American Sports thrown in for good measure. People interested in watching others drive can also see MotoGP and the World Rally Championships.

The BT Sport pack can be watched on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform, on BT TV and on the BT Sport app and online player. The BT Sport Pack is free to all BT TV customers and £19.99 per month for Sky TV customers.

BT Sport Lite

BT Sport Lite is a package available to BT Broadband customers who do not want to join BT TV. BT Sport Lite costs £5 per month, giving access to BT Sport 1. This channel broadcasts Premier League football, Aviva Premiership Rugby Union and the Scottish Premier League.

For sports fans that are not interested in the other sports offered by BT Sport, this package is very useful, cutting costs when purchased in conjunction with your BT Broadband subscription.

How do I switch to BT to get BT Sport?

Aware of how annoying and difficult it can be to switch broadband and satellite TV providers, BT have attempted to simplify the process. BT Sport can be purchased by Sky TV subscribers for £19.99 per month, in addition to a few Freeview providers, but customers often consider including the BT Sport package in their broadband, phone line and television subscriptions, in order to save a few pennies.

There are a number of packages to select from for your BT subscription, once you have decided on an option that works for you, this page will be useful.

BT Broadband before BT Sport

After confirming which package you would like and placing an order, contact your current broadband and television provider to end your subscription.

For some internet providers, including Virgin Media, you may want to wait for your BT Broadband to be up and running before cancelling your service, that way you won’t be without internet – we all know how nightmarish that can be.

When you have received your BT Broadband Homehub through the post, you will need to install the machine. In certain circumstances, BT will need to send an engineer to your house in order to get everything in tip top condition, this will be made clear when you make your order.

BT Engineers and other BT Sport options

To find out more about why you may need a BT engineer to come to your house and optimise the box, call our BT Sport Contact Number. They will explain the purpose of the engineer, how to make an appointment and what to do if the BT engineer misses the scheduled appointment.

BT aim to get BT TV and BT Sport up and running as soon as your BT Broadband service is working. BT Sport is provided free for all BT TV subscribers; BT Broadband users who do not pay for BT TV can order the BT Sport Lite service, a stripped down version that provides access to BT Sport 1 and costs £5 per month.

Which football leagues are shown on BT Sport?

In order to compete with other televised sport providers, BT Sport aim to provide the strongest line-up of football leagues to their customers. This page will detail the football leagues available through a BT Sport subscription.

We’ve listed the three competitions that are most alluring to customers in the United Kingdom; BT Sport also provide a number of leagues around the world, including the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A and the Scottish Premier League.

Barclays Premier League on BT Sport

The main attraction for viewers in the United Kingdom, the English Premiership is a worldwide institution, popular across globe. BT Sport broadcast 38 Premier League games each season, equating to one game per weekend.

The games broadcast on BT Sport tend to be the early kick-offs on Saturday, with games starting at 12.45pm. This coverage includes a range of sides, from top teams competing for the title to relegation candidates aiming for the famous 40 points.

BT Sport have an impressive team of ex-professional players on hand to provide expert punditry and in depth analysis, with Paul Scholes proving a current favourite. The service does however have Michael Owen on its commentary team.

If you would like to complain to the BT Sport over their choice of Michael Owen as a commentator, you can call our BT Sport Contact Number. On a serious note, our contact number can be used to report issues with your BT Sport subscription, including issues with service outages, payment errors and BT boxes breaking.

National League (formerly the Conference)

The Premiership isn’t the only league that matters in England. The National League, traditionally known as the Conference, is the top division of football’s non-league pyramid. Increasing in popularity following the steep increase in top division ticket prices, BT Sport now provide a means of being an armchair supporter to non-league fans.

In 2015/16, the channel will broadcast 30 live National League games, including the National League Play-offs and Playoff Final. The lower leagues are a source of excitement, perfect for fans searching for that local football connection.

Champions League and Europa League

Cup competitions masquerading as leagues, the European competitions are two of the biggest draws for BT Sport customers. BT Sport is the only TV package on which to watch Champions League and Europa League, with the BT Sport Europe channel showing each and every game, all 350, through an exclusive rights deal that will last for three years.

For fans of top football, the Champions League pits the great against the rich, showcasing top sides such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, with the hopeful English sides included!

The Europa League is increasingly a showcase for the next big thing, with players and managers making their name through success in the competition.

What other sports can I watch on BT Sport?

While it may seem strange, some people are not interested in football. For fans of other sports, BT Sport provide a variety of options. This is a quick rundown of the sports you can watch with a BT Sport subscription.

If you’d like to contact BT to order a subscription, you can call our BT Sport Contact Number, their customer services team can take you through the whole process, from payment to installation.

Premier League Rugby Union on BT Sport

BT Sport is the place to be for Rugby Union fans. The channel is the only place to watch Aviva Premiership matches live, with 69 match shown on the BT Sport channel over the course of the season. Running from September to May, the league comprises a 22 round home and away format, with a playoff for the top 4 teams to decide the ultimate champion.

There is also a relegation playoff for the second to bottom team and the Championship playoff winning team. BT Sport also show European Rugby Champions cup matches, as well as Challenge Cup games.

BT Sport broadcasts of UFC

UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, grows in popularity every year. Unfortunately, UFC is not a strict championship of various fighting styles, a sumo wrestler vs a boxer for example, instead it is a Mixed Martial Arts championship, with a men’s and women’s league.

Fighters are trained in a variety of disciplines, with emphasis usually on a martial art that focusses on striking and a martial art that focusses on grappling. The most common striking styles include Muay Thai and Kickboxing, with Judo very popular as a method of grappling.

UFC is broadcast on BT Sport, with exclusive televised showings of over 30 live fights per year. This includes all of the pay per view fights, from big names such as Ronda Rousey and Jose Aldo.

Motorsport with BT Sport

For fans of watching other people drive vehicles, BT Sport provide a variety of options. MotoGP, a motorcycle version of Formula 1 is very popular, making Valentino Rossi a household name.

BT Sport also show WRC, the World Rally Championships, an exciting contest of quick witted drivers guided around a muddy, forested course.

There are also live showings of DTM, the Deutsche Tourwagen Masters, a track based set of races for German touring cars and the IndyCar series, an American racing competition.

How to keep your Netflix account secure

I think someone else is using my Netflix account

If you see streaming activity on your Netflix account that you don’t think is your own, simply sign out of every device connected to your account. This way the account will deactivate and disconnect every other device currently connected to your Netflix. This method can take up to 8 hours to take effect. If you think you know who is using your account, it’s usually quicker to just ask them to stop streaming Netflix shows.

You can view your activity history by clicking Your Account > My Profile > Viewing Activity

For more detailed recent account use you can click Viewing Activity > Recent Account Access. This will display the date and time, location (including IP Address) and the device information for the previous viewing sessions.

Should I change my password?

Changing your password is also a solution to blocking access to others that are trying to use it without your permission. Netflix say this is the best way to prevent unauthorised use, as well as ensuring the password is strong and periodically changing it.

You can change your password by clicking on Your Account when you sign into Netflix and are able to send yourself a password reset email.

Secure passwords are:
8+ characters long
A mixture of numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters
Not a name, birthday, address or anniversary or any personal information
Preferably created words that aren’t in the dictionary
Unique to each account you use

Unauthorised charges and suspicious emails

If you suspect someone is using your payment information without permission, you can contact Netflix on their contact number immediately. Unauthorised charges are taken seriously by the company; they can block any charges to your card or PayPal and immediately cancel your account.

Also take caution if you receive an email that could me masquerading as Netflix. If the email asks you for any personal information, it will be a phishing attempt and you should not click any links shown in the email. Phishing is an attempt to get personal information by representing a trusted company.

Netflix streaming devices and app

The Netflix app

As long as your device is connected to the internet, can be downloaded on an app store and is compatible with Netflix, you can access it.

You are able to watch content instantly through the app though the software can vary depending on the device, as functionality may differ. Some devices already have Netflix embedded into them and some can be downloaded, for example on the Apple’s App store.

Remember, Netflix is a streaming service, you do not permanently download the TV shows and movies so must have a constant connection to the internet to experience it.

Which devices can I use to stream?

Connected to the internet and can download the software via the device? Then you can stream instantly on: computers, gaming consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players, HDTVs, set-top boxes, home theatre systems, phones or tablets.

If you would like to watch movies and TV shows from a Windows or Mac, you simply open your preferred internet browser and go to where you can sign in to your account as normal and select something to play.

The only additional thing you will need in this case is the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, though you will probably have this installed. If you’re prompted you just download and install the free plug-in by following the instructions.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

The amount of devices you can watch Netflix on simultaneously all depends on the price plan you choose when you subscribe. You can access these detail on Your Account > change plan information.

How fast does my internet need to be?

The faster the connection you have, the better quality of the video. Netflix Internet Connection Speed Recommendations say that the minimum requirement for the connection speed is 0.5 megabits per second.
The bandwidth, level of broadband and the speed may all impact the software.

Netflix billing and free trials

How am I charged?

Netflix charges you every month on the same date as when you signed up. If you sign up on the 30th or 31st and they don’t exist in that month then you will be charged on the last day of the month. If you start your membership on a free trial, you will be charged for the next month on the date the trial ends. The fees are billed at the beginning of each period but might take a few days to appear on your account.

To see your billing date and credit history you simply click Your Account > Biling History.


There are three plans to choose from when you register for Netflix and you are able to downgrade or upgrade when you want. There is no limit to how many films or television shows you watch, but be careful of any data fees your network provider may charge.

Basic - £5.99 a month, 1 screen only
Standard - £7.49 a month, 2 screens at one time, HD
Premium - £8.99 a month, 4 screens at one time, Ultra HD

All plans include a free month’s trial.

The only information you need is your name, email, a password and payment information. Netflix also send authorisation requests to your bank account to verify your method of payment; they don’t cost but they may affect your available balance.

The free trial

Netflix provide a free month of their services for all new customers. You get instant access the entire catalogue of Netflix TV shows and movies on a range of different devices with an internet connection, including: mobile phones, tablets, computers or your TV via a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360.

The membership operates month-to-month, so if you enjoy your trial and want to remain a member, you don’t have to do anything as it will automatically continue. If not, you can choose to cancel quite easily with no contracts or cancellation fees. Netflix should remind you when that trial is about to end, too so you don’t accidentally pay for the next month.

Services provided by Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is often used to refer to the video streaming service provided by the online retailer Amazon, though Amazon Prime also provides subscribers with a number of other benefits.

Here is a short run down of the various services provided by Amazon Prime. If you would like to phone their customer services team, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Amazon Prime delivery

Amazon Prime subscribers can select free next day delivery when ordering a number of products from the Amazon store. Another delivery option available to Prime subscribers is free same day delivery, however this option is only available to customers in certain postcodes. Same day delivery products are delivered in the evening.

Prime subscribers can also choose free no-rush delivery when selecting from the range of options provided by Amazon. No-rush delivery entitles customers to promotional credit, this option is useful for Prime customers that have ordered an item but are willing to wait an extra 3-5 days for delivery.

Amazon Prime Video, Photos and Music

Amazon Instant Video is a popular service provided through Prime membership. It is a streaming service similar to Netflix, with an increasing number of exclusive television shows.

The Amazon Instant Video library provides subscribers with a large range of television shows and films to choose from; if a film or show is not available for free streaming through the service, customers can purchase the video for instant streaming, storing the video in the Amazon Cloud.

Prime Photos is an image storing service, allowing subscribers to save an unlimited number of photos to the Amazon Cloud. Prime Music is a music streaming service similar to Spotify. Users can also purchase music, store it on the Amazon Cloud and listen whenever they have internet access.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon Prime members who live in the United Kingdom can use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to download one new ebook per month for free.

Customers must own an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet to make use of the free ebook as books can only be downloaded on certain devices.

Cancelling your Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon Prime offer a free trial to all customers as means of testing their streaming and one day delivery service. The free trial lasts for 30 days and requires customers to provide a credit or debit card when signing up. When the 30 day trial period ends, customers are automatically signed up to the Amazon Prime yearly subscription service, at a price of £79.

As an automatic action, this catches a number of customers off guard. One of the most popular Google searches related to Amazon Prime is “Amazon Prime refund,” due to the high proportion of consumers that have forgotten to cancel their free trial in time.

Can I cancel my Amazon Prime membership after the free trial has ended?

Amazon Prime are aware of this issue and provide a 14 day period in which customers can cancel their membership and receive a refund. If you have made no use of any of the Amazon Prime services that membership provides in the 14 day period, you can receive a full refund of the cost of membership. If you have used Amazon Prime in the 14 day period, you are entitled to a refund based on a number of different factors.

To cancel an Amazon Prime membership, go to your Amazon Prime online account. There is a Manage Prime Membership section that allows customers to review a number of aspects of their Prime account. At the left of the page, there is an option to cancel your subscription. For free trial users, it will says Do Not Continue, for current subscribers the option will read End Membership. Your membership will stop at the end of the current subscription period.

Does my subscription end immediately?

Customers that cancel their subscription can still stream Amazon Instant Video and order certain items with next day delivery up until the end of the pre-agreed subscription period. As a result, it is useful for free trial users to turn off automatic renewal as soon as they begin the trial. This prevents any unwanted payment coming out of your bank account later down the line and still allows you to enjoy the 30 day free trial period.

For customers who have accidently renewed membership, you may wish to call our Amazon Prime Contact Number to discuss the refunding process with a member of Amazon’s customer service team.

Amazon Prime and LoveFilm subscription management

Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service began with their purchase of the DVD rental service LoveFilm in 2011. LoveFilm’s video streaming service became Amazon Instant Video, while the DVD rental service has continued as LoveFilm by Post. The service was purchased by Amazon, the online shopping site saw an opportunity to compete with Netflix.

Backed by an increased revenue, Amazon Instant Video is now a major player in the streaming industry, able to fund its own exclusive projects.

It can be confusing for consumers to understand what has happened to the service they previously used, for further information about your LoveFilm account, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Can I reactivate my LoveFilm Streaming account as an Amazon Prime account?

The short answer is no. Previous LoveFilm can no longer transfer their account information across to Amazon Prime. Unfortunately, this means customers must create a new subscription for an Amazon Prime account, through their current Amazon account.

This means customers must rebuild their account profile, rerating films and television shows they enjoyed to create an accurate profile for Amazon Instant Video to base its film and TV suggestions on.

LoveFilm by Post subscriptions and unreturned DVDs

Amazon still provide a DVD rental service that allows LoveFilm customers to continue their home delivery service, if they prefer to receive DVDs rather than create an Amazon Prime Instant video streaming account. LoveFilm by Post continues to provide customers with this option, allowing customers to order any number of DVDs each month.

If you are still in possession of LoveFilm DVDs despite having cancelled your susbscription long ago, you can return them for free by using the following address:



PO Box 1315



There is no need to cancel your LoveFilm Instant subscription if you did not cancel it following its rebrand as Amazon Prime Instant. All LoveFilm Instant subscriptions that were not transferred to Amazon Prime accounts were automatically cancelled.