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Santander contact number – 0843 504 3709

Santander contact number

Got a banking issue that only the Santander contact number team can deal with? Phone their customer service helpline now and make sure that their team deal with your issue as quickly as possible. Whether you’re trying to open a new account, apply for a mortgage (or loan) or you would simply like to discuss your personal finances, their call centres can deal with all of this and more. By ringing them through the Prove I Called line, you will have the bonus of knowing that you can get evidence of your call if necessary – which can be a huge bonus if you need to log a complaint with the organisation. Regardless, if you’ve got any matter than needs to be looked into by their customer service team, you should call the Santander contact number now.


If you’d like to get in touch with them in a way other than phoning, here are some alternatives to dialling the Santander contact number:

Santander postal address:

Santander head office
2 Triton Square,
Regent’s Place,

Official website:

HSBC contact number – 0843 504 3720


HSBC Bank is one of the largest and most notable banking and financial services in the world. HSBC is a financial organisation which is has thousands of offices throughout the world including, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. There are a wide range of services which the HSBC banking group officers to its clients and therefore various different contact numbers for each of the different departments there are within the organisation.

Phoning the HSBC contact number through Prove I Called

If you need to get in touch with HSBC, dial the HSBC contact number today to be put through to a member of the customer service. By calling through our Prove I Called number, you will be connected to the main switchboard but you will have the additional bonus of receiving proof that you made the call. This means that if you ever have to lodge a complaint with the bank, you can provide evidence of your call to back up your case. Call the HSBC contact number today to have your issue resolved.

  Call the HSBC contact number now

Alternative ways to contact HSBC

The first HSBC contact number to note is that of the Customer Service team. Customer care can be contacted on the following number, 0345 740 4404 and is generally called when existing customers have general queries about the services provided or about their account but do not know how to get in touch with the relevant and correct department. For existing customers calling outside of the United Kingdom, they can call the following number, +44 1226 261 010 in order to get through to speak to a customer service adviser. Opening hours for calls made to this number are from 8am to 10pm and are available on every day of the week. For non-existing HSBC Bank customers, the correct number to call for customer services is 03456 040 626. These particular lines are open from 8am to 10pm everyday, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The text phone numbers for general banking enquiries are 03457 125 563 and for those calling from outside of the United Kingdom, the contact number is +44 207 088 2077.

Mobile and Online Banking

There are a number of HSBC contact numbers for customers who bank online and via their mobile phone. To get through to the Helpdesk, customers need to call 03456 002 290 and +44 1226 261 226 from outside of the United Kingdom. To set up a security number, customers should call 03457 400 004 in order to speak to an adviser. To reset their security number in order to access information easier next time, the HSBC contact number is 03456 002 290. If these lines are closed or if customers are unable to get through, they can call HSBC on 03456 007 010. Lines are open between 8am and 10pm.

Advice or help with Current Accounts

For customers needing to speak to an HSBC adviser with regard to their existing Current Account or indeed setting up a Current Account, the following numbers are the direct numbers to get through conveniently to the relevant department. For existing customers, they should call 03457 404 404 or +44 1226 261 010 from outside of the United Kingdom. For customers needing help from Student services, they will need to call 03457 404404 or 0800 520 420 to speak to someone regarding HSBC’s graduate service. For non-HSBC Bank customers, the contact number is 03456 040 626 and if prospective customers need to find out more about opening an account, they can do this by calling 0800 169 5422.


If existing customers need to review their mortgage, they need to call 0800 731 3134 and lines are open between 8am and 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 6pm on Saturday. If customers are moving home and need to change their mortgage details or need advice with how to do this, they can call 0800 169 6333, which is also the same number for new mortgage customers.

Savings contact numbers

Existing customers who might need to speak to a HSBC adviser about their savings account(s) or starting one, they can call 03457 404 404 and lines are open every day of the week from 8am to 10pm. Premier customers can call 03457 707 070 for help with their savings accounts and these lines are available 24 hours a day. For information about Fixed Rate Savers, Regular Savers, Flexible Savers or ISA information, the contact number is 0800 032 4729. New customers, will need to call 0800 130 130.

Lost or Stolen contact numbers

For customers of HSBC who need to inform the bank that their bank card or cards have been stolen or that they have lost them, the HSBC contact number is 03456 007 010 and lines are open 24 hours a day. However, if they have lost or had their HSBC Online Cards stolen, the relevant number to call is 0800 015 1924 and +44 121 214 5659 from outside of the United Kingdom. If they urgently need to contact HSBC about lost or stolen cards but are outside of the opening hours, they will be able to speak to an adviser by calling 03456 007 010 as this is a 24 hour helpline.

If you wish to contact HSBC using other methods, you can find their details here:

HSBC postal address:

8 Canada Square
E14 5HQ

HSBC official website:

Vanquis contact number – 0843 504 3702

Vanquis contact number

Holding a very special niche in the finance industry, the Vanquis contact number is one of the most phone around. Mainly focussing on credit cards for those who have a bad credit history, their main customer service helpline can deal with everything from applications through to administration and even billing issues. The bonus of calling through the Prove I Called line is that you have the option of having proof of your call to the Vanquis helpline – which means you should be much more able to lodge a complaint with added evidence. Regardless of your matter, though, it is always worth a call to the Vanquis contact number.


Alternatively you can contact Vanquis by using the following:

Vanquis postal address:

Vanquis Visa Card
Customer Services
PO Box 399

Official website:

PayPal contact number – 0843 504 3695

PayPal contact number

The main way through which people pay for goods online, the PayPal contact number is constantly being searched for by people who have one issue or another with the company. Thankfully, their UK call centres are more than able to deal with the vast majority of customer service issues. By calling their helpline through our dedicated Prove I Called number, you will be able to get evidence that you did pick up the phone – which can be a vital tool when it comes to sorting out complaints further down the line. For any matter that is pressing, phone the PayPal contact number now.


If you’d prefer not to call, the PayPal customer service team can also be reached via the following:

PayPal postal address:

Paypal (UK) Limited,
Whittaker House,
Whittaker Avenue,

Official website:

Halifax contact number – 0843 504 3694

Halifax contact number

One of the largest banks in the UK, the Halifax contact number is constantly being phoned by people who have some sort of issue with the organisation. This can be from the urgent – lost and stolen cards – through to the mundane – changes of address, for instance. However, when you can through prove I Called, you are making sure that, regardless of what happened over the course of a conversation, you will have evidence of ringing, which is something that can prove vital if you need to complain. Ring the Halifax contact number through our dedicated line now.


Prefer not to call? Then you can get in contact with Halifax using the following methods:

Halifax postal address:

Halifax PLC
Trinity Road
West Yorkshire

Official website:

NatWest Contact Number 0843 504 3687

NatWest contact number

Contacting the NatWest Customer Service Department directly is straightforward using the contact number provided. Did you know that in addition to contacting the person you need, when you need them, ‘Prove I Called’ allows you to do exactly that – prove you made the call. What’s more we can pinpoint your call to the exact date, duration and time, with the utmost accuracy. Such information can prove invaluable, for example in situations of dispute or complaint. Simply call the NatWest helpline number provided to resolve your situation – fast.



If you would rather contact NatWest Customer Services in writing or online, here is the contact information you will need:

NatWest Postal Address:

PO Box 594

Official website:

Sky Contact Number – 0843 504 3690

Sky contact number

Sky provides a range of services including satellite television with a large choice of channels and the opportunity to buy or rent new movies or to watch older movies on the Sky Movies package. A very popular option is Sky Sports, which often shows Premier League football and international sports. The service is extremely flexible, with varied programming package options which can be mixed and matched easily by calling the Sky contact number and speaking to a Sky customer services assistant.

Calling the Sky contact number through Prove I Called

Call Sky Customer Services today simply by using the contact number provided. In addition to connecting you directly and speedily with a Sky customer services representative there is the added benefit of being able to prove you called – highlighting the specific date, time and duration. Having such information from an independent body is invaluable especially in times of potential dispute or if making a complaint. One call to the helpline number provided is the first step to rectifying your problem.

   Call the Sky Contact Number now

More information about calling the Sky contact number

Another service offered by Sky is broadband. Sky broadband is a popular internet connection service because of its wide availability and its economical cost when purchased with other Sky services. Sky Broadband promises fast internet speeds and a reliable service Sky offers discounts on broadband when using their Sky Talk landline service. With a full technical support, Sky technical helpers troubleshoot any rare problems through a series of easy steps. More details of available offers can be found on the Sky contact number.

Sky operates a reliable customer services department which is accessible through the Sky contact number. The customer service operatives are available to help select the best packages and services for customers. In addition to this, they offer a technical support service where customers are often talked through technical problems from the comfort of their armchair. If all else fails, a Sky engineer can be called out using the Sky contact number.

What do Sky offer?

Sky offers a complete TV, broadband and telephone package for an extremely competitive price. There are extra services available, such as Sky Go, which enables customers to watch Sky TV online for up to five users. Sky Multiroom service extends TV viewing potentially to every room in the house, and Sky+ recording allows programmes to be saved and viewed later. The catch-up button is another way to make sure favourite soap episodes are never missed. For more details about all services call the Sky contact number.

There are many reasons people have for contacting Sky Customer Services, whatever your reasons you can either call or use one of the alternative methods of contact:

Sky Customer Services Postal Address:

Customer Complaints
Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

Official website:


XBOX contact number – 0843 504 3683

xbox call customer service

Who are Xbox?

Xbox is one of the most popular and well-known home video game consoles in the United Kingdom and throughout the rest of the world. Owned by Microsoft, the company's exclusive titles include Forza Motorsport, Fable and, of course, Halo.

There have been three Xbox consoles released, the Xbox, Xbox 360 and their newest console, the confusingly named Xbox One.

The Xbox One has proved to be a controversial games console, with many owners of Xbox 360s complaining about the Xbox One’s reliance on Kinect, the weaker processing system compared to other consoles and the lack of backwards compatibility. Xbox aim to provide good customer service, answering and correcting issues that their consumer base raise.

What can I get help with when I call the Xbox contact number?

Gamer with a problem that can only be sorted by the XBOX contact number? Don't fret - give their main customer service helpline a ring today and they should be able to take quick steps to make sure that your issue is dealt with immediately.

Common queries include, what to do if the games console won't switch on, the Xbox has overheated, the controller won't connect to the Xbox, and the cables are missing from the box.

Xbox users can also call to sort out issues they may have had with the online gaming service Xbox Live. This includes issues with payment for Xbox Live, connectivity issues and the purchase of games and other items from the Xbox online store.

Customers can also call to access their account should they be unable to login due to issues with their servers or forgotten or lost login details.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

We know how stressful it can be when contacting a company. Prove I Called keeps a record of the time, date and duration of your call to a company. This service is perfect for ongoing calls to a business, or when you have run into issues with a company. Prove I Called is not affiliated with any company listed in our directory.

To request your call details please email with your phone number and the date you called. With that information, we can provide you with an independent email confirming the details of the call, this email can be forwarded to the company you are contacting as evidence of your call. Calls to 084 numbers cost 5p from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles and other providers may be considerably more.

Xbox phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9am - 10pm
Saturday to Sunday: 9am - 8pm

Company address & email

Microsoft Ltd
Microsoft Campus

Social Media accounts

Facebook: Xbox
Twitter: @Xbox
YouTube: Xbox