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Returns and exchanges with Talkmobile

How do I return the phone?

If you wish to return a phone with Talkmobile, you can do so by initially contacting the company on phone or by webchat. There a member of the team will close the account you have with them as soon as they can and will run you through the returns process.

It is possible to write to them but do be prepared for the process to take longer. You can print out the cancellation form, fill it out and send it to the company and the team will respond within 24 hours of receiving it.

The company advise you try a couple of classic quick fixes if your phone is faulty, such as turning it off again or taking the battery or SIM card out. If it is still broken or you require any other technical support you could take a look at the troubleshooting section on their website.

If it has developed a manufacturing fault within 28 days Talkmobile will send a DPD courier to collect the phone for free, but you should make sure it is unlocked with all of the accessories in the original packaging. They will repair it and a send a replacement out to you.

If it has developed a manufacturing fault after 28 days then you can contact the phone manufacturer directly, such as Apple or Samsung who will be able to deal with the issue and should be able to resolve it.

Return a phone within 14 days

The ‘cooling off period’ is the 14 days after initially taking out the contract, just like the 14 days returns policy you get with many other purchases. This means you can opt out of your contract for free if you haven’t exceeded the allowances of your contract, though you will be charged a fee of £5 for a DPD courier to collect the phone. Remember, after this period you will be locked into your contract and the only way to get out of it is to pay the remaining months.

The phone needs to be unlocked, in as-new condition and in original packaging with all of the contents with it. You should then be refunded for the phone, unless there are any damages or missing phone components such as the battery, charger or headphones, in which case you will be charged.


If you have decided you would like to swap your phone for a different one, you can do so easily within the ‘cooling off’ 14 day period. All you need to do is contact the company and they will cancel your contract and arrange a DPD courier to collect your phone at the cost of £5.

Again, the phone needs to be in perfect condition and they will deliver the new phone to you as soon as they can.

If your phone arrived damaged with a fundamental flaw in either the software or hardware, you can contact them within 28 days of your order and they will run remote diagnostics on the phone. If that doesn’t work, they will fix or replace it.

If it has been longer than 28 days they will run remote diagnostics and if there are any software issues they will repair them. If the issue lies with the hardware then there’s a chance they will upgrade you.

If Talkmobile fail to repair the phone then you should contact the phone’s manufacturer directly as they are usually under warranty for at least 12 months.

Delivery errors

In the case of Talkmobile sending you the wrong phone the courier will be sent to collect the error free of charge. You should contact the company by phone or webchat and ensure they have your correct address on file.

What is the complaints procedure at Talkmobile?

If you are unsatisfied with the way in which Talkmobile have treated you as a customer, you can choose to make a complaint.

A member of the team should usually be able to solve any problem you have straight away, but there are instances in most companies where you will come away from the phone feeling more unsatisfied than you were before.

How to complain

You can complain online via Webchat or if you currently have a phone with Talkmobile you can call them for free on 5888, or on 0333 304 8064 (charges apply) if not.

Once the company have received any correspondence about your complaint they aim to get back in touch within 48 hours to discuss it.

Your initial contact with the company will be with a help team adviser who can involve a team-leader if it’s necessary to. If you are unsatisfied with the response you can request the matter be taken up with a Senior Manager for further investigation, but if they aren’t immediately available then will arrange a call back.

If you are still unhappy with the reply the Senior Manager will pass the issue onto the Customer Relations team who specialise in resolving issues and will aim to do so in 5 working days. Talkmobile will inform you of any updates at least once a week if it takes longer than this.

How do I take the complaint further?

If you have waited eight weeks for your complaint to be dealt with and remain frustrated, you have a right to refer the problem to the independent Alternative Dispute Resolution service.

If you wish to have your dispute dealt with by the company before eight weeks, the company can insist that their process is followed if they are investigating your complaint and expect it to be fixed quickly and efficiently.

As provided by Ombudsman Services Communications, the company will look into the complaint free of charge, as long as it in their remit. If the complaint has been previously resolved, is malicious or doesn’t fall under their remit they have a right to refuse the referral.

You can find more information here or by calling them on 0330 440 1614.

You can also write to:

Ombudsman Services Communications

PO Box 730



Deliveries and tracking with Talkmobile

All deliveries from Talkmobile are controlled by courier company, DPD. Below we’ve answered some frequently-asked questions about the services they run.

The process

DPD are a great courier company as they aim to inform where your parcel is and when to expect it at every point they can. When your phone is ready to be shipped they will let you know your delivery date via text and email and if it isn’t convenient, you can change it to tailor to you. All deliveries are free of charge and will take 3-4 working days to get to you.

To reschedule an unsuitable delivery you can follow the link provided in the text or email, change the date or arrange to it pick up from your local DPD depot.

On the morning of the date of delivery, DPD will send another text and email to tell you the hour to expect your phone. If the delivery slot is not convenient, you can simply select alternative delivery options, such as leaving the parcel with a certain neighbour.

Can I track my phone delivery?

When your phone has been dispatched you will receive an email containing a parcel number which you can then use to track the progress of your delivery. To do this you can visit the DPD website where you will find a ‘how we can help’ section at the right hand side of the homepage and enter the parcel/reference number and post code.

It’s also possible to track the progress of your phone on a map on the day of delivery by following the link in the text or email which will lessen the chance of you missing it. But remember somebody will need to sign for it so it can’t be posted or left in a safe place (unless it is a sim card which will be put through the letterbox via first-class post).


If you haven’t received the delivery email you won’t be able to track your order so we advise you contact Talkmobile. The same goes if within 3-4 of you placing the order you do not get a delivery confirmation notice from DPD. Talkmobile should be able to locate the whereabouts of your phone and find out if they need to organise another shipment for you.

How can I leave Talkmobile?

Talkmobile will be sad to see you leave, but you will be able to do so at any time during the contract.

How to cancel

If you are at the end of your contract term, all you need to do is inform them you are leaving with 30 days’ notice. However, if you’re still in your contract term and want to leave, you will need to pay remaining monthly charges for the time left after you have made request to cancel.

Talkmobile will give you a date when all services on your contract will come to an end and you will be able to use your phone as normal until that date. After that you could receive up to three bills which may all be different, depending on if you left before or after the end of you contract.

Can I not leave for free?

There only free option to cancel your contract, other than at the end, is within the ‘cooling off period.’ This is the 14 days after initially taking out the contract, just like the 14 days returns policy you get with many other purchases. This means you can opt out of your contract for free if you haven’t exceeded the allowances of your contract, though you will be charged a fee of £5 for a DPD courier to collect the phone. Remember, after this period you will be locked into your contract and the only way to get out of it is to pay the remaining months.

Direct debit advice

Talkmobile advise that you leave your direct debit open for 90 days after you make the request to leave to ensure your final bills are processed successfully. They ask you do not cancel your direct debit while those bills are processed in the 30-day cancellation window as you could potentially miss payments.

Can I keep my number?

The way to keep your number when changing mobile phone providers is the same across the board. You will need to request your PAC code when cancelling the contract and can do so by calling 5888 from your Talkmobile phone for free, or 0333 304 8064 from any other phone. Ensure you request this before you cancel your account as Talkmobile will not be able to give you it afterwards.

We also advise you keep hold of your PAC code because you will need to use it when transferring your phone number to a new company and phone.

If you wish to keep the same phone but wish to change company, you will also need to unlock it from the Talkmobile network. You can do so by calling the same numbers as above and a member of their customer service team will help you.

Contract phones with Virgin Mobile

Having a contract phone and SIM is incredibly popular, mainly due to the value it offers to customers that want a posh new phone. Contracts are paid monthly, ranging from around £10 to £45, with prices dependent on the phone you select. The newest, most popular phones, for example the latest iPhone models, tend to be the most expensive.

As the name suggests a contract lasts for a particular amount of time. With Virgin Mobile, customers can choose from 9, 12 and 18 month contracts. Longer contracts tend to offer better value as they tie customers down. This is a general rule, rather than a fixed, immutable law.

Virgin Mobile do allow customers to change their tariffs during a mobile contract. This is useful for customers that realise they have selected a tariff that doesn’t suit their use, it also means customers can lower the cost of their monthly payments should their financial circumstances change. For more information on changing your tariff during a monthly contract, call the Prove I Called Virgin Mobile Contact Number.

The cost of monthly tariffs with Virgin Mobile

When signing up for a contract, customers can select a package that suits their particular phone use. If you’re into calling your friends for a chat, it’s better to select a tariff that offers a large number of monthly minutes. If you prefer to communicate via text, an unlimited texts option is more useful.

Frequent internet users can find packages that provide a large amount of monthly data. As previously mentioned, these packages can be adjusted later in your contract, should you find your current deal doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

Mobile phones included with your monthly Virgin contract

While SIM-only contracts are an option, contracts that include a mobile phone are very popular. These deals allow customers to get their hands on the latest Apple product, without shelling out hundreds on the day of release.

Virgin Mobile provide a range of different models and brands of smartphone, including iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia and Sony.

Mobile broadband with Virgin Mobile

Finding a good internet connection can be tough. It is increasingly important to always be online; our business and personal lives depend on being able to get to Google, send emails and login to social media.

In an attempt to present customers with round the clock, solid internet access, Virgin Mobile offer Mobile Broadband, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that provides constant connection, regardless of your location. Like a Wi-Fi hub, Virgin Mobile’s portable device allows multiple smart devices to connect.

Similar to a mobile phone contract, Mobile Broadband is paid for by the month. Customers can choose from 30 day and 12 month contracts. There is an initial fee, currently £24.99, which covers the cost of the device itself. The monthly payments range from £5 to £21, depending on the length of contract you select and the amount of monthly data you expect to use.

What can I connect to the Virgin Mobile broadband device?

You can connect up to 10 devices to the portable Wi-Fi hub. All devices that can access Wi-Fi can use the device, as long as they are within 30ft of the machine. This includes laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and smartwatches. Connecting to the hotspot is easy due as the device is wireless – no USB connection, no cables to plug in.

How does the Virgin Mobile Broadband device work?

The portable Wi-Fi hotspot works just like the Wi-Fi router in your house. It supports download speeds up to 21Mbps and upload speeds up to 11Mbps. There is no need to install any new drivers on your device.

The mobile broadband device itself is around the size of a small phone, though it is much lighter. It offers up to 100 hours of battery life (whilst on standby) and 4 hours of continuous browsing.

Monthly tariffs available for Virgin Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband payment works in a similar way to a mobile phone contract. As previously mentioned, there are two contract options, a 30 day contract and a 12 month contract.

From there, you can select a data plan that suits your internet use, from 500mb to 8gb. Prices range from £5 to £21, with marginally cheaper prices for 12 month contracts. You can order a mobile broadband device by calling our Virgin Mobile Contact Number.

SIM card questions, queries and issues with Virgin Mobile

Some of the most common customer service enquiries that Virgin Mobile receive are on the topic of mobile SIM cards. Many customers run into issues with their new SIM card, struggling to activate or even insert the SIM card. The area is made all the more confusing by the new world of tablet SIM cards, a familiar, yet slightly different version of the pesky little cards.

SIM cards are based around specific systems of pay, with customers able to purchase a pay as you go SIM card or a monthly contract SIM, available on a SIM only plan or as a package deal that includes a mobile phone. For more information able SIM cards, or to order one, call the Prove I Called Virgin Mobile Contact Number.

Keeping your Virgin Mobile number and activating your SIM card

Before your new SIM card is ready for use, it needs to be activated. To do this, simply login to your Virgin Mobile account on the Virgin Media website. Head to the Your Account section, select Plan and then select Device. You’ll find the option to activate your SIM. If you’ve requested an automatic activation, your current SIM card will cease to work once the new one has been sent.

If you’d like to keep your mobile number following a SIM card change, you can do so by contacting Virgin Mobile. You’ll need the Virgin number they provided, your PAC (Port Authorisation Code) and the number you’d like to change to. You can find out the PAC by contacting your current service provider.

You can call Virgin on 789 from a Virgin Mobile phone, or 0345 6000 789 from a non-Virgin Mobile phone. Standard charges apply. It takes around 24 hours to change a number and you must call before 6pm, if not you it will take another day.

SIM only and Pay As You Go with Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offer multiple payment plans. Not all mobile contracts require a customer to pay for a mobile phone too, you can order a SIM only contract. These are usually cheaper than contracts that include a phone as you are not paying for the included phone. For customers that prefer to purchase the latest models, or have no interest in upgrading their current phone, a SIM only contract is useful.

Pay as you go is an enduringly popular option, offering a use based payment plan. Sometimes, through the purchase of a bundle or particular pay as you go offers, this option can prove more cost effective than a monthly contract.

Virgin Mobile tablet SIM cards

Mobile data is important for a portable smart device like a tablet. With this in mind, Virgin Mobile offer SIM cards for tablets. These SIM cards only provide online data, no calls or texts. Data options range from 500mb to 2gb, with prices between £5.12 to £10.

Oh no! I can’t login to my Virgin Mobile online account

Plenty of Virgin Mobile features are run through the online account section of their website. From this section of the website, you can review your text, minute and data use for the current month you can access FAQs and report a lost or stolen phone. You can also upgrade your phone and recycle your old phone by trading it in.

However, you can only do the above if you know your login details. There’s a reason lost login details are always the top FAQ on any site, it’s just so easy to forget your username or password. It’s even easier to forget them when you infrequently use the account, which is fairly common when it comes to Virgin Mobile accounts.

With that in mind, we’ve created a short guide to retrieving your login details should you forget them. For further questions, don’t hesitate to call the Prove I Called Virgin Mobile Contact Number.

I can’t remember my Virgin Mobile email address

If you’ve forgotten the email address that is linked to your Virgin Mobile account, you can retrieve it through their online retrieval service. Simply click on Forgotten your email address? on the login page and you will be redirected to a page asking for your Virgin Mobile phone number, your last name and your post code. Enter the information and press send. Virgin Mobile will let you know what your email address is.

I can’t remember my Virgin Mobile password

If you’ve forgotten the password to your Virgin Mobile account, you can request a password reset on the login page. Click Forgotten your password? and you will be asked to enter your email address and Virgin Mobile phone number. Virgin will send a reset link to the email address and you can set a new password. Hooray!

I’ve forgotten everything, my Virgin Mobile email address and password

Oh dear, not to worry. Click the Forgotten your email address and password? and you will be taken to a page that asks for your number, last name and postcode. With this information, Virgin Mobile will contact you, helping you to access your account.

Carphone Warehouse contact number – 0843 515 8443

Carphone Warehouse contact number

With over 2,400 stores across Europe, Carphone Warehouse is many people’s first stop when they want to upgrade their mobile phone. If you need the Carphone Warehouse contact number, perhaps to find your nearest store, request to change your tariff or chase up an outstanding order, you can use the number listed here to have your issue resolved. What’s more, a call through out Prove I Called number will also allow you to request your call details, which can be used as evidence of your call if you ever need to make a complaint to the retailer’s customer service team. Your case will have much more validity if you can provide your specific call details. Get in touch with the Carphone Warehouse contact number now to have your questions answered.


Alternatively, get in touch with Carphone Warehouse using the following channels:

Carphone Warehouse postal address:

Carphone Warehouse,
North Acton Business Park,
Wales Farm Road,
London W3 6RS

Carphone Warehouse website:

EE contact number – 0843 504 0496

EE contact number

EE contact number is probably one of the most sought after contact numbers in the UK as EE is the largest mobile network in UK. Touted as the ‘most advanced digital communications company in Britain’, EE covers Orange and T-Mobile too. The 3G network of the company is the largest in UK, covering about 98% of the British population. In fact, the company is the first to offer high speed 4G mobile services side by side with fibre broadband. EE has about thirty million customers spread across UK, which is quite a sizeable figure!

Calling the EE contact number through Prove I Called

British mobile network operator and internet service provider EE is a relatively new player in the mobile world, but today the provider serves millions of people nationwide. There are many reasons why you may need to use the EE contact number – perhaps you need to change your personal details, pay or challenge a bill or seek advice about upgrading your package. Whatever your issue, make a call to EE via the Prove I Called dedicated number and you will be connected quickly to the main EE switchboard. Using our service will also mean that you can request your call details, allowing you access to evidence of your call which you can use in case of a dispute with the company. Make that call to the EE contact number today and have your problem handled efficiently.

  Call the EE contact number now 

Other ways to contact EE

EE serves a wide range of customers from individual consumers to business houses to wholesale markets to the government. With about 13000 full time employees spread out in 580 retail stores, EE is no doubt the biggest mobile network in the UK. In the past few years, EE has received several accolades and awards in recognition of its excellent service. An impressive fact about the company is that it makes use of Micro Network technology in order to make mobile data and phone calls available in 1500 communities in the UK that are not connected by high speed broadband or a reliable mobile broadband!

Most of the cities in UK are busy, and despite of the large usage of internet service, EE still manages to provide data speeds of up to 60 mbps to tablet and smartphone users! In fact, considering the company’s research leadership and foundation for technology, it is easily a global leader in the UK as far as the 5G future is concerned. Hence, if you’re looking to associate yourself with the best mobile network in the UK then you should definitely look up EE contact number.

EE is the official Overall Network Performance Winner in UK. The company has managed to ace more than a million tests by RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics company that conducts network performance tests on all national mobile networks in the UK. According to RootMetrics, EE is the winner in case of mobile internet, network reliability and speed, call and text message performance and so on.

Apart from offering devices such as iPhones, smartphones, tablets and 4GEE action cams, EE also offers bundle offers to its customers, i.e. offers for broadband and mobile services together or for EE TV. What makes the company so likeable is the fact that it offers flexible price plans, one can pay on a monthly basis or opt for the pay-as-you-go plan. There’s also a top-up-pay-as-you-go plan for Orange, T-Mobile and EE users. For queries pertaining to these plans one can call up the EE contact number.

If you’d prefer not to call, you can also contact EE via post or through their website. The details can be found below:

EE postal address:

EE Limited
Trident Place,
Mosquito Way,
AL10 9BW

EE website: