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Interflora contact number – 0843 504 7729

Flowers are classics that will always be in style for all sorts of occasions. You can say so much with a single flower or a whole bouquet. Getting that perfect bouquet, however, many not be all that easy. There is more to flower shopping than just pointing at a particular one. When you decide to buy them, you want to make sure that they are ideal. It helps to have a clue about where you are going to buy your flowers; like at Interflora. If you can find a place that offers a wide variety of options, that would be preferable. With an Interflora contact number, you can call and ask what sorts of services are available. When you have the right place to shop, then you can start worrying about other factors in the flower buying guide.

Calling the Interflora contact number

One aspect of buying the right type of flower is knowing why you are buying them. Flowers come in different kinds, and there is some significance that goes with each one. The rules may not be in stone, but they are there. You will find that one type of flower says surprise better than another one. It is essential that you have a clear idea of what you want to say with your flowers. Are they for a birthday? Are they for a feel-better wish? Or are they for a party? You don’t even have to know which flower is right for a particular gesture; you just have to get the message right. Finding the right flower to convey that message will be easier when you have an Interflora contact number. You just have to explain the reason for the flowers, and you will get suggestions on the best options.

Dealing with Interflora customer services

Know what flower to get on different occasions. Getting the message right and knowing when to send flowers are two entirely different elements. You are planning to go to a colleague's place for a formal dinner and you know you want flowers that say “Thank You for the Dinner Invitation” but you don’t know which ones are right for a formal evening. For Valentine’s Day, you know roses will mostly do the trick, but you are not sure about formal dinners. When in such a dilemma, you can call Interflora and find out about the available alternatives.

An expert will explain to you if you can send your message with lilies or daisies. They will also tell you what flower arrangements will be right for the occasion. If the flowers are for a table arrangement during a party, then you can find the right help through Interflora contact number. When buying flowers for a funeral, you also have to know which ones will be most suitable.

Speaking to the Interflora telephone number team

It is always sensible to have a budget when you are shopping for flowers. Different flower types and the bouquet will determine the price tag. When you want to find out the price range of various services from a florist like Interflora, you can call to learn more. Then you can decide how much money you are willing to spend. Florists usually offer a broad range of price tags from affordable to extravagant. You can call the Interflora contact number and discuss which flowers would best suit your budget. Talking to a professional is ideal because they have a better handle on things.

Other reasons people call Interflora

Personal preferences will also matter when choosing flowers. It is essential you know what the intended recipient likes and doesn’t like. You will have a less complicated time explaining to a florist what you are looking for when you know about certain things. For instance, what is the favourite colour of the recipient? Are they allergic to particular flowers? Do they have pets that may be allergic to certain flowers? When you have all this information, you can quickly call Interflora and ask about the flower to buy. If a florist knows about the recipient’s preferences, they will give you better choices.

Buying the right flowers is about knowing the person that is going to receive them and the meaning of the gesture. Experimenting with different flowers will win you points, but you must know how to do it well. Consulting with a florist at Interflora will help you make the correct choice. You should also find out about the delivery services of a florist. Know how long it will take your purchase to get to its destination. Calling the Interflora contact number will help you get the answers you need.

Littlewoods deliveries and returns

Arranging delivery and organising returns can generate a host of questions. So, we have taken the time to address some of the most commonly asked questions by Littlewood customers.

Of course, if you can’t see the information you require please note that Littlewood customer services advisors are available from 7am until 11pm, Monday to Sunday.

Littlewood deliveries & returns – frequent Q&As

Q. Is it possible to arrange delivery to my work address?

A. Yes, of course it is, however, there must be full accessibility and your delivery needs to be signed for by you or at a main reception.

Q. What happens if I miss my delivery?

A. The carrier will leave a card with the contact details you will need to rearrange delivery for another date. Alternatively, why not opt for Littlewood’s ‘Collect+’ service? There are around 4,500 participating shops – open early until late.

Q. How soon can I have my order?

A. There are three options to choose from which are:

1. Free standard delivery

This service means deliveries can be dropped off at any address or Collect+ store. Orders should be placed before 11pm and are ordinarily delivered with 72 hours. Arrival times are between 7am – 9pm on a Monday to Friday.

2. Flexible delivery (a charge is applicable)

Order by 7pm and your purchase should be with the next day. It is also possible to opt for a date up to 8 days in advance. Saturday slots are often available.

3. Littlewoods Collect+

With almost 5000 participating Collect+ stores, many Littlewood customers find this is an extremely convenient service. Delivery is free of charge and items can be dropped off within 2 days. Parcels are kept for 10 days and can be easily return at the same Collect+ point. What’s more, Littlewoods will text when your purchase is ready for collection.

Q. Do Littlewoods deliver overseas?

A. Unfortunately not, deliveries can only be made throughout the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Certain smaller items can be delivered via BFPO (at no extra charge).

Q. Are heavier items more expensive to deliver?

A. No, they aren’t charged any differently to other products. As usual, free standard and express deliveries are available.

Placing & tracking your Littlewoods order

Littlewood orders made easy

Ensuring that your order is made and delivered properly matters, which is why Littlewoods have systems in place to keep their customers happy. To make the ordering process even easier we have created user-friendly guides for you to follow.

Placing your order

Whether you choose to order via the regular sales web pages or via Littlewood’s ‘quick order’ facility, it is convenient and quick to choose your products. Just click buy, select the size/amount/colour and proceed to the processing stage. Quick ordering simply needs you to enter the unique reference number of each product required.

Cancelling your order

Changed your mind about your Littlewoods’ order? No problem, simply log into your online account, select ‘Recent Orders’, choose the items you wish to cancel and follow the final cancellation option.

Should your order already be dispatched it is possible to refuse it at your door – the carriers will then automatically return your order for you. Or, you can return the order using the return labels provided. Please allow 14 days for your account to be credited with returned items.

Tracking your order

Keeping an eye on when your order has been dispatched and where it is in transit can help especially when arranging the collection of a delivery or planning an event. Thankfully, Littlewoods allow customers to track the progress of their delivery online via ‘My Account’ – please log into your account and select the, ‘Where’s my order?’ option.

Alternatively, a Littlewoods customer advisor is on hand to tell you more between the hours:

7am until 11pm from a Monday to Sunday.

One call using the Littlewoods contact number provided is all it takes to address your query.

Appliance installation

Should you need your Littlewood order installing, there is an installation service available on many items. Luckily there is a removal service for various appliances too. Please note that there is a charge attached and installation/removal can take up to 3 days to arrange.

Please note that if you require cooker removal, it must first be disconnected by a qualified workman.

Littlewoods’ financial services

Littlewoods’ payments

Before exploring the financial products available at Littlewoods it is helpful to take a look at the payment options available. For your convenience we have highlighted the different methods on offer:

· Buy now pay later – this allows customers to spread the cost of their purchases is a popular choice. Please note that Littlewoods’ ‘buy now pay later’ scheme is usually available on purchases on over £50 and can be spread over 104 or 156 weeks including a usual free period at the start of your agreement. Interest will generally be added to your purchase following the free period. Please note that delivery, installation and financial services are not available on ‘buy now pay later’.

· Monthly payments – Littlewood customers are typically awarded a credit limit which is the amount you can spend up. Depending upon your credit rating and time as Littlewoods customer this limit may alter. A monthly invoice is issued (online and as a paper statement) stating the amount due for payment. Thankfully, this figure tends to me interest free. Overpayments can be made and your total will take longer to clear if only minimum payments are made.

· 2 or 4 years interest free – as the name suggests this option offers either 2 or 4 years interest free payments on your Littlewoods purchases. This option tends to be interest free for the complete duration and can be easily paid manually or by direct debit.

Littlewoods’ credit card

To apply for a Littlewoods’ credit card you must be:

1. Over 18 years old

2. Be on the electoral role

3. Not have been bankrupt in the last 12 months

Meeting this criteria doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be accepted.

How to apply:

Application is quick and secure via – you should receive a response within 60 seconds.

Littlewoods’ loans

Ranging from £1000 to £15000, Littlewood loans are designed to meet a range of needs. Repayments tend to be over a duration of 1 to 5 years, monthly payments are usually set and you could have a response in just minutes.

To apply for a Littlewoods’ loan you must be:

1. 21 years or over

2. A UK resident

3. Employed or self-employed and have an annual income of £15,000

Please note that meeting the above criteria will not mean you are automatically eligible for a Littlewoods loan.

How to apply:

You can apply for a Littlewoods loan quickly and securely via

Specsavers contact number – 0843 902 1736

Struggling to find the Specsavers contact number? Specsavers are a high street chain of opticians, offering eye tests alongside fashionable frames for glasses ordered in their store. Their services are available for adults and children, with a range of offers and deals to lower the price of glasses and lenses. If you have had an issue with a Specsavers product or are hoping to have your question answered about services provided by Specsavers, you can phone Specsavers on our contact number. If you call through our service, you will be put straight through to Specsavers. We will also be able to make a note of the time and date of your phone call should you need to provide evidence of these details at a later date during an ongoing dispute.

Calling the Specsavers contact number through Prove I Called

Prove I Called can provide independent evidence of your phone call should you need to pass on proof of your call to a company. During a dispute with a company, use the Prove I Called number and we will make a note of the time, date and duration of your phone call. Whenever you need this information, we will be able to present you and the company with this vital information. Our service can prove to be the difference between success and failure during a disagreement with a company. Call the Specsavers contact number.

   Call the Specsavers contact number

Boots contact number – 0843 902 1735

Need to make a call to the Boots contact number? Boots are a high street chain of pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom. Boots provide a range of products in the stores, from beauty goods to fragrances and perfumes, toiletries and baby products. There are a number of reasons to get in touch with Boots, including issues with payments both in store and online, reporting problems with products purchased in Boots and queries about collecting prescriptions in Boots. Use our contact number to call Boots and we will be able to provide you with proof of the date and time of your call should you need it at a later date. Evidence of these details can be vital in ongoing disputes with companies.

Argos Card contact number – 0843 504 0104

Who are Argos?

Argos is a retail store that is know for its large catalogue of products as well as its extremely affordable prices. Shoppers can choose to order in-store using the catalogue number system, or by placing an order online. Other companies such as eBay have started offering collection at Argos options, where it is possible to collect an option not normally stocked in Argos form the store. Argos currently stocks thousands of products including homeware, electronics, toys, jewellery and fitness equipment.

Published twice a year in spring and autumn, the catalogues include over 1500 pages of photographs and descriptions of the products that they have for sale. An Argos Home catalogue is also available which focuses solely on home furnishings, furniture and accessories. Online shopping is increasing in popularity with many customers choosing to shop online from the comfort of their own home.

Founded by Richard Tompkins in 1972, Argos has since become one of the leading retailers in the United Kingdom. They have over 750 stores on high streets across the country, plus a whopping 800 million hits to their website every year. Argos owns other brands such as Alba, bush and Chad Valley and it is also the sister company of Homebase and Habitat.

What can I get help with when I call the Argos contact number?

As well as on their social media accounts and online chat option, you can contact Argos on their contact number. You may have a query that needs an instant response and do not want to wait for an email or Twitter reply, so calling will be your best option.

If you have lost your Argos card or had it stolen, this is number to call. The number also deals with suspicious emails that you might suspect as fraud, as well as complaints and card detail-amendments.

You are also able to contact the number if would like to sign up for a new Argos Card account or if you are having any issues with your account online on the My Argos Card website. The website allows you to log into your account and check your balance as well as making instant payments form your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone – so you needn’t use the contact number for these purposes.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

We know how stressful it can be when contacting a company. Prove I Called keeps a record of the time, date and duration of your call to a company. This service is perfect for ongoing calls to a business, or when you have run into issues with a company. Prove I Called is not affiliated with any company listed in our directory.

To request your call details please email with your phone number and the date you called. With that information, we can provide you with an independent email confirming the details of the call, this email can be forwarded to the company you are contacting as evidence of your call. Calls to 084 numbers cost 5p from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles and other providers may be considerably more.

Argos phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Company address & email

499 Avebury Boulevard

Central Milton Keynes


Social Media accounts

Facebook: Argos
YouTube: Argoscouk

Aldi contact number – 0843 504 7263

Aldi contact number

Aldi has been making waves in the UK supermarket scene for years now. Why? Because they offer low prices on high quality goods – something which is highly important in a world where austerity is still being battled with. While we wait for an economic upturn that looks increasingly unlikely, the Aldi contact number is constantly being called by people who are looking for answers. The kind of things they ask are to do with complaints, general enquiries and opening time questions. The Aldi helpline provides a lot of assistance – and there are benefits to calling through Prove I Called. Our service allows you to request your call details, allowing you to give evidence when and how you made the call, in case of any future disputes. Make a call to the Aldi contact number today to resolve your issue.



Homebase contact number – 0843 903 3255

Homebase contact number

Homebase is a name known in every household across the UK – helping people with DIY, decorating and all sorts of other matters. Given that millions of people enter their doors annually, there are a lot of people who need to call their team each and every day. This can be to ask about opening times, to make a complaint or ask a general enquiry. There are various advantages when you call the Homebase helpline through Prove I Called. Mainly, our service allows you to request your call details, allowing you to give evidence when and how you made the call, in case of any future disputes. Make a call to the Homebase contact number today to resolve your issue.


Toys R Us contact number – 0843 504 7342


One of the giants of global retail, Toys R Us has been a staple of the British high street for decades now. Their main helpline – the Toys R Us contact number – has quickly become one of the most phoned around for a number of reasons. Whether you are phoning to raise a complaint, or to ask a general question, doing so through Prove I Called has numerous benefits. The main one is that our service allows you to request your call details, allowing you to give evidence when and how you made the call, in case of any future disputes. Make a call to the Toys R Us contact number today to resolve your issue.