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Payments and fees when buying from See Tickets

Purchasing tickets for an upcoming gig or show can be surprisingly expensive. There are often a number of added fees, for booking, ticket printing and delivery, which can quickly add extra pounds to your order.

There can also be complications with payments for tickets, due to the various methods available on the internet. These can be confusing, making you wonder why they offer PayPal when debit and credit card payments are accepted, and can lead to concerns over online security.

This short post will explain the various fees involved, the payment methods available and how safe your credit card details on when using the See Tickets website.

How to pay for purchases with See Tickets

There are a variety of different ways to purchase event tickets with See Tickets. All payments are made online or over the phone, they do not accept any postal order. Credit and debit card payments are accepted, with See Tickets allowing Visa, Delta, MasterCard, JCB, Electron, Switch and Solo cards. American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted.

You can also purchase tickets by using PayPal or a MasterPass wallet. PayPal is a widely known online payment processing service that millions of people use around the world. MasterPass is a similar service, provided by MasterCard.

See Tickets also allow customers to purchase tickets with See gift vouchers and Theatre Tokens. To purchase a ticket using either of these two items, you will need to call 0871 220 0260 for See gift vouchers and 0871 297 0077 for the West End Theatre booking line to use Theatre Tokens. Calls to these two lines cost 10p per minute, plus network extras.

Additional fees when buying from See Tickets

See Tickets require a service charge to be paid when purchasing tickets from their site. The service charge is how See Tickets make their money, they do not receive any money from event organisers so an added charge is required to cover the costs of booking, staff wages, all the usual overheads. The service charge is arranged with the concert or show promoter before the event and is non-refundable, even in the case of event cancellation.

There is also a transaction fee that pays for the printing and delivery of tickets. The price of the transaction fee depends on the selected delivery method.

Is it safe to buy from the See Tickets website?

The See Tickets website uses a 128 bit SSL encryption, this is standard for the online purchasing industry. It is safe to buy tickets from their site. You can find out more about online purchases by calling our See Tickets Contact Number.

Purchase, delivery and cancellation of See Tickets

As expected, the most common customer service issue that arises with See Tickets regards the tickets themselves. See Tickets operate a policy that prevents any ticket transfer, refund or exchange, once the tickets have been purchased.

They also do not provide replacement tickets for any lost or stolen ones. There are however a number of situations in which you are entitled to a refund.

There are also a few regulations that cover the purchase and delivery of tickets from See Tickets. This short guide will explain when you can request a refund, the rules on purchasing tickets and what to expect when it comes to ticket delivery.

When will See Tickets refund my purchase?

See Tickets will refund the cost of your ticket if an event is cancelled or the show is rescheduled. You will typically be given the option of keeping your tickets, swapping them for tickets to another showing or receive a refund. The refund will not include the cost of the booking fee, or any transaction fee that you may have paid.

See Tickets note that they cannot always notify ticket owners that an event has been cancelled, though See Tickets will attempt to notify you if they are informed by an event promoter.

If you’re entitled to a refund, you should receive instructions explaining how to receive a refund. If you have not received refund instructions but believe you are entitled to one, you can call the Prove I Called See Tickets Contact Number. Often, a ticket refund will require the return of any purchased tickets. See Tickets will not pay for the cost of returned ticket postage.

Issues with See Tickets delivery

One of the most common queries that any event company faces regards the delivery, or non-delivery, of tickets for a show. See Tickets do not always send out tickets, often they will only offer a self-print option. If you order tickets for delivery, you will have to pay a transaction fee, covering the cost of delivery.

You can track the delivery status of tickets for a particular event by using the See Tickets Order Tracker. Tickets are usually sent 7-10 days before the event. If you have ordered tickets close to the date of the event, the tickets will usually be collected from the venue. If you have not received your expected tickets, contact See Tickets, or the venue in question.

The ticket purchasing limit

There is often a limit on the number of tickets that a single person, card or household can buy. If you have exceeded the limit, See Tickets reserve the right to cancel your order, without notice. The limit is in place to prevent ticket touts purchasing large quantities of tickets, then proceeding to sell their numerous tickets at a vastly inflated value.

Wrong tickets, lost booking references and See Tickets delivery options

Issues with tickets are the number one issue of complaint for events companies. As a result, we have two separate posts explaining a number of the common issues that customers run into, and how they can find a solution.

For further information on receiving a refund, complaining about an undelivered ticket or an explanation of the possible ticket purchasing limits, please take a look at our Purchase, delivery and cancellation of See Tickets post.

This post will explain what to do when you receive the wrong tickets, you’ve lost your booking reference and the various delivery options available to See Tickets customers.

Oh no! I’ve received the wrong tickets

Sometimes, mistakes happen. See Tickets will accidently send some Coldplay tickets to your house, when you’re much more of a Metallica fan. If this happens, it’s not the end of the world. Should you receive tickets to the wrong concert, or you receive the incorrect number of tickets, you can use the contact form on the See Tickets website to report the issue to See Tickets.

After reporting the issue using the aforementioned form, See Tickets will endeavour to fix the situation. You may be required to send the incorrect tickets back to See Tickets, though this should not be the case if you have received too few tickets to your upcoming event.

Oh no! I’ve lost my booking reference or ticket

If you’ve lost your booking reference, you can login to the See Tickets customer services area of their website. From there, you can enter the final four digits of the card you used to purchase the tickets, your email address or postcode. With this information, See Tickets can find your reference number.

If you have lost your ticket, you can try contacting See Tickets through the customer service area or with the Prove I Called See Tickets Contact Number.

Bear in mind, it is unlikely that See Tickets will be able to reissue a lost ticket. This is due to venue safety issues, it could lead to unscrupulous individuals claiming to have lost a ticket in order to receive another, leading to an overfilled venue.

See Tickets delivery options

For some events, tickets will be delivered to your door. In this case, you will usually be able to select from delivery to your house or to collect your tickets from the box office. Either option will require a transaction fee to be paid, usually to cover the cost of printing.

I bought something from See Tickets, now I’m getting emails from Complete Savings

After purchasing tickets from See Tickets, you may have noticed your email inbox filling up with emails from a company called Complete Savings. The reason you are receiving emails from Complete Savings is that, following a purchase, See Tickets will ask if you would like to join the Complete Savings programme.

This is a tick-the-box-to-subscribe affair, easy to accidently subscribe to. It can be a costly accident as, after an initial 30 days free, Complete Savings subscribers are required to pay a monthly fee.

With this short guide, you can find out what Complete Savings is, whether they are worth staying subscribed to and how to cancel your Complete Savings membership. For queries directed at See Tickets, use our Prove I Called Contact Number.

What is Complete Savings?

Complete Savings is a scheme designed for people who frequently shop online. It is a membership programme that entitles subscribers to a number of discounts and offers at selected online retailers. The subscription is initially free, but will be subject to a monthly fee, a fee that is hard to find an exact price for online, though many forums claim state that the fee is £10.

On your bank statement, the monthly fee will appear as There is no contract chaining you to Complete Savings membership, allowing you to cancel your membership at any time. You can visit the complete savings website to find out what you can receive through membership to the savings scheme.

How do I cancel my Complete Savings membership?

If you would like to cancel your Complete Savings membership, you can do so by emailing or, if you would like to phone, you can call 0800 389 6960.

Calls are free from landlines in the United Kingdom and lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 4pm. You can also visit the Complete Savings website to cancel your membership.

Repair and service your Xbox One

Aware of how terrible it is for your console to break, Xbox offer a variety of support and service options for customers. Long term Xbox fans will remember the infamous red ring of death, anyone that went through that ordeal may well be familiar with the Xbox servicing and repair process.

However, not everyone is so well versed in the rules and regulations of Xbox repair. This is a short walkthrough for the process, with all the hints, tips and cheats you need to fix your console.

Registering your Xbox and checking your warranty

Before you can send your console off for a service or repair, you must first register the machine. You can do this on the Xbox Online Service Centre. Sign in, choose the option to Add Device. From the Online Service Centre, you can check the warranty for any device that you have registered.

It sounds rather obvious, but if your Xbox One is in warranty, the repairs are free, if it isn’t you will have to pay a fee. You can find out more about the price of repairs in the Online Service Centre.

Requesting a service through Xbox Online

From the Online Service Centre, there is an option titled Problem with a device. On the Device Manager page, select Request service. There will be a set of on screen instructions guiding you through the process, helping you to submit a service request. With the service request submitted, wait for an email from Xbox confirming the request. This email will also include a service order number and delivery or drop off instructions.

It should take no longer than 24 hours for Xbox to send a confirmation email, if you haven’t received an email in this time frame, contact Xbox support with our Prove I Called Xbox Contact Number, or through their online support service.

Now send the Xbox One console to the address mentioned. Only send the console, make sure to remove all accessories, including power cables, controllers, and headsets, everything that isn’t the main console. Services usually take two to three weeks, with delivery included in that timescale. You can check your order status in the Xbox Online Service Centre.

Managing your Xbox Live Gold membership

Xbox provide a subscription service called Xbox Live Gold that allows Xbox One and 360 players to play multiplayer games online. It also offers a number of free games to subscribers, with access to the games lasting for the duration of your Xbox Live Gold membership.

Due to the popularity of online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty and Halo, Xbox Live Gold is seen as a necessity for many gamers. Subscribers also receive exclusive discounts to selected items in the Xbox Store.

How do I cancel my Xbox Live Gold membership?

To cancel your membership, head to the official Xbox website and login to My Account. You may also need to login to the Microsoft account that is linked to your Live Gold membership. Choose the option Services & Subscriptions. There will be an Xbox Live section, select this and find the Renews On option. Select Cancel. You will receive a message saying Are you sure? This message also explains that you will lose access to your Xbox Live subscription. Click on the option Confirm Cancellation.

After cancelling your subscription, you will still be able to access Xbox Live until the date that your subscription is set to expire. You can instantly cancel access to Xbox Live by contacting Xbox Support, simply call the Xbox Contact Number and explain that you would like to cancel your subscription immediately.

My Xbox Live account has been suspended

Xbox reserve the right to suspend players that they believe are causing harm to the online Xbox community. There is a code of conduct that Xbox expect all players to follow; players that do not abide by the code of conduct may have their account suspended for a period of time.

Offenses include the use of racist, homophobic and misogynist language, having an offensive gamertag or harassing another player with multiple offensive messages. Suspensions usually last for 24 hours.

Offensive gamertags will be automatically changed to a more appropriate name. You can contact Xbox Support to complain about a suspension. Before complaining about your suspension, check the Xbox website for their detailed regulations on what is considered an offense, you may well find out that the suspension is completely justified.

Payments and problems with the Xbox Store

In order to provide customers with digital versions of the latest games, Xbox provide users with an online store that allows customers to purchase video games instantly, in addition to a number of other products, such as movies, apps and subscriptions to Xbox Live.

The store prices are decided by Xbox and their owner Microsoft, allowing the company to choose how much a certain game will cost. Prices are changed based on the cost of hardcopy games, with digital prices often being higher.

There are numerous sales through the Xbox Store throughout the year, usually based around a certain theme, for example a Halloween sale or Big in Japan sale.

Paying for items with a credit or debit card

Xbox allow customers to select from a variety of payment methods. The most common is paying with a credit or debit card. When purchasing an item from the store for the first time, you will be asked for a method of payment.

To pay with a credit or debit card, enter your payment details on checkout. You will be asked if you would like to save your details for future purchases, this prevents you from having to enter your card number every time you want to buy something.

The service is safe for online purchasing. There have been a number of high profile account hackings, usually of Playstation accounts, if you’d like to know more about the privacy settings and account safety on Xbox, you can call our Prove I Called Xbox Contact Number. Their customer service team can explain the precautions taken by Xbox security staff.

Redeem an Xbox prepaid code for the Store

A popular birthday or Christmas present, gift cards for the Xbox Store have a unique 25 character code that allows the owner to add the purchased funds to their account. There is no need to add a credit card or debit card to the account if you are making a purchase with funds from a prepaid code card.

To redeem a code, head to the Xbox website. Search for the Redeem Code section. Login to your account and click the Redeem button. Enter the 25 character code and click confirm. You can also redeem a code on your Xbox One console. Enter the store, select games, then select Use a code. Enter the code and enjoy your added funds.

Lost Xbox login details, hacked accounts and gamertag changes

With so many different sites, social media accounts and devices to login to, it can be tough to remember the password and login details to every single account. Forgetting your Xbox login can be a horrifying ordeal, particularly for parents of Xbox players. Thankfully, Xbox offer assistance to any customer that has lost their login details.

I’ve forgotten my Xbox account email address or password

There are a variety of options available to customers who have forgotten their email address or password. These can be found in a number of detailed guides found on the Xbox website, these are too extensive to cover in this short guide.

Xbox account holders can also call our Prove I Called Xbox Contact Number to speak to a member of the Xbox and Microsoft customer services team and find out about the process of recovering your Xbox account.

What should I do if my account has been hacked?

If your account has been hacked, you need to change your password immediately. This can be done by signing into your Microsoft account and heading to the Security & Privacy section.

You may also want to send an email to Xbox support and contact your bank if you think the hacker has made purchases through your account. Addressing the issue as quickly as possible is important in a hacking situation as the hacker may continue to access your account.

How do I change my Xbox gamertag?

To identify each player online, Xbox users choose a unique name, known as a gamertag. With accounts lasting for a long period of time, and many users creating an account and choosing a gamertag whilst they are in their early teens, lots of users select gamertags that they later regret.

Aware of this issue, Xbox allow users to change their gamertag. When you first create an account, Xbox will give you an invented gamertag, this can be changed free of charge within 30 days of account creation. If you are outside of this time frame, or you have already used your free name change, you will have to purchase a gamertag change on the Xbox store.

Can my business work with Wowcher?

The success of Wowcher is based on working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide cheap daily deals to their range of customers. The main demographic that Wowcher sells to are affluent young women, with deals centred on restaurants, health and beauty proving incredibly popular on the site.

There is no up-front payment required, instead Wowcher negotiate a price with your business after applying through their various channels, or being contacted by Wowcher. To register you interest in working with Wowcher, you can use the contact form on the Wowcher website or you can call our Wowcher Contact Number to find out more about the process.

Who can I reach with Wowcher?

Wowcher have released information on their user base. As previously stated, the majority of Wowcher users are female, around 72%. 86% of users are between the ages of 18 and 44 and 49% of users earn over £38k. For businesses that sell products for young women with a spot of spare cash, Wowcher is perfect. The service is also useful for businesses that provide products that are popular as presents.

With Wowcher deals refreshing each day, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to show off their services. Wowcher decides what appears on their homepage and when, though Wowcher do notify businesses within 48 hours of posting a deal. If the vouchers are purchased by customers but go unredeemed then you will not receive payment, Wowcher only pay on redemption.

A bonus to working with Wowcher is the social media marketing boost that comes from their target market. Most users of Wowcher are active sharers and retweeters, particularly when they have a great deal to brag about. The inadvertent marketing boost is perfect for companies hoping to improve their online reach.

How do Wowcher provide so many cheap deals?

Wowcher is one of a number of group based discount companies, providing deals for a range of different activities in the United Kingdom. They provide low prices through purchasing products in bulk, straight from the business in question. Wowcher work directly with merchants and events companies, making it easy for the company to provide low prices to their customers. Businesses often accept lower prices when buying in bulk as it guarantees a large order. These deals refresh each day, allowing loyal customers to find a new offer each morning.

The Wowcher purchase process

Wowcher require customers to have an online account before they make a purchase. The online account is necessary for a number of reasons, to protect your information, to encourage brand loyalty, though it’s most important function is providing a simple portal for customers to access their purchased vouchers.

Wowcher do not store your credit or debit card information on their server, instead they store part of your card number and the expiry date, allowing customers to verify their payments. It also stores enough information to allow customers to quickly purchase a product if they reuse the Wowcher service.

A third party payment service processes of purchases, protecting your data. The payment process is as safe as any other online payment service. If you have had an issue with a purchase made from Wowcher, perhaps a strange payment on your credit card statement, you can call our Wowcher Contact Number to get in touch with a member of their customer service team.

Different ways of buying a voucher on Wowcher

Wowcher have a number of different purchasing options when using their service. There are the usual add a deal to the basket, enter your payment information options, but Wowcher also offer a few other buying methods.

Wowcher customers can use the Express Buy function on the website, a one click ordering service. This is for returning customers who have already entered their payment information and want to make a purchase as quick as possible. Wowcher store enough card information on their service to allow customers to reuse their card with the click of a button.

Express Buy is different to Redeem Now offers. Express Buy is a simple method of purchasing a product. Redeem Now is available for vouchers that can be redeemed as soon as they are purchased. A number of offers on Wowcher are only delivered when the offer has ended.

Wowcher also provide a loyalty service called Club Wowcher. Like a number of other loyalty programmes, Club Wowcher operates on a points system. Customers receive Wowcher Wallet Points which can be redeemed against the price of a number of Wowcher offers.