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The need-to-know about Knowhow care plans

How do I cancel my Knowhow care plan?

If you decide you no longer want the Knowhow care plan and pay monthly you can call the team within 14 days of purchase (if the insurance service has been used). In this case, they will give you a refund on any payments but after that period, you will not receive a refund despite you being able to cancel at any time.

The only other instance you can receive a refund is if you have bought a 3 to 5 year care plan, meaning you can cancel up to 45 days after the purchase date. You must not have used the service. After this point you are entitled to a pro rata refund on your purchase.

It’s also possible to write to Knowhow and let them know you intend to cancel your agreement at: Knowhow Customer Services
PO Box 1686
S2 5YB

Problems and expiration dates

To find out the expiration date of you care plan you can either find the date on the Care Plan card given to you when you bought the product, call the Knowhow customer care team or visit the Knowhow website and find ‘protected products,’ provided you have registered.

You can use the same customer service number if you have any issues with the plan and a member of the team should be able to resolve the problem efficiently.

If Knowhow believe they cannot repair your product they will give you a voucher so you can get a replacement product in a Currys or PC World store. Like the instant replacement service they provide – which you can read about on Prove I Called here – the value of the replacement will be equivalent in price (or less) to the original product and must be the same or similar specification.

In this case your care plan will end and you will receive a refund voucher for the plan which will be redeemable when you purchase another care plan and pro rata only.

Other types of insurance

It is also possible to protect products with a third party or with household insurance. However, these insurance policies do not always cover mishaps or mechanical breakdowns and you may have to pay an excess fee.

It’s also common for portable products not to be protected and claims cause your annual premiums to rise. It’s recommended that you use a price comparison website to see what different insurance companies can offer you to suit your needs.

Registering your Knowhow care plan online

When buying a Knowhow care plan either in-store or over the phone, you are then able to register it online for a range of benefits.

You are able to renew an existing care plan if it is ending soon or reinstate a care plan if it has expired recently and update your personal contact details and address. You can view any current care plans you have and access product protection through services like Mastercare and Tech Guys.

There will also be a list of products purchased from a Curry’s or PC World store that are not protected by a Care Plan and an option to buy a new care plan for any that are eligible from the stores.

How to create the care plan online

You can go to the Knowhow website and register with both your surname and reference number from the letter they sent or by typing your surname, receipt number, store number and purchase date from your Curry’s or PC World receipt.

If you’re not in possession of them you can call the contact number and a member of the team will give you the details needed to register on the website. When you have entered the details into the form you press ‘continue,’ and you will have access.

I can’t see the products I’ve purchased

Bear in mind that the products can take up to 24 hours to update when they are purchased from a Currys or PC World store. For recent purchases or products protected with a Care Plan to show online they must be within the 12 months of the manufacturer’s guarantee period or currently protected with a Care Plan. The product should still show if it was protected by a Care Plan and has expired over the last 90 days.

If the wrong details were taken at the point of purchase your product will not display. You might also need to register more than once for different products if you record your name or address differently – which you can do online or over the phone.

I’ve forgotten my username and password

Your username will always be the email you supplied when you registered and if you can’t recall which one you used you can call Knowhow to find out. If you have forgotten your password you can click beneath the ‘log in’ section to reset your password and you will be given clear instructions on how to do so.

Fix your fridge freezer with Knowhow

How do I get the fridge repaired?

The fastest way to get Knowhow to repair your fridge is to call the contact centre to discuss the problem and pinpoint the fault. You will pay for the repair upfront over the phone which will cover the call out, labour and any parts required to fix it.

A member of the Knowhow team will organise a suitable day of repair for you and the Knowhow engineer will call 30 minutes before arrival to ensure you are at home.

If by any chance the fridge freezer is beyond repair, Knowhow will give you a full refund.

What does it include?

If you do not currently have a warranty and aren’t covered by a Knowhow Care Plan agreement then it is usually cheaper to get minor faults fixed rather than buying a new one. They fix most big brands of fridges in your own home such as Bosch, Samsung and Hotpoint – even if they were purchased elsewhere.

Knowhow’s fixed-price service is certainly less hassle and includes all parts of the repair; cost of parts and labour. In addition, you will have a three-month guarantee on the repair and also have the choice of adding a plan on that covers the repair for 12 months.

How much does it cost?

Type of productRepairRepair and protect
1 door fridge or freezer£109£139
2 door fridge or freezer£119£149
American style fridge freezer£179£289

The price of the repair and protect plan includes an additional 12 month Care Plan protecting you against breakdowns and mishaps.


Below is a list of brands that Knowhow do not currently repair:

· Baumatic

· Bush


· Dyson

· Fisher & Paykel

· Frigidaire

· General Electric


· HomeKing


· Liebherr

· Maytag

· Miele

· Norfrost

· Royal Sovereign

· Servis

· Swan

Instant technology replacements with Knowhow

As one of the services Knowhow provide, you are able to insure your new product with the peace of mind that you’ll receive a brand new replacement when things go wrong.

As long as the product costs £150 or less, Knowhow will replace it on the spot, even if it is broken through a mishap. And will do so for 3 whole years.

The scheme is available on an array of products from £20, including kitchen appliances, music players, cameras and printers – with no expensive repair charges.

You can benefit from no lengthy claims or paperwork as all you need is your receipt of purchase, as well as being covered worldwide, so if any product accidents happen abroad they can be replaced when you get home.

How do I buy it?

It’s easy to be as careful as possible with your product and disaster to strike, as accidents happen to the best of us. As most manufacturers only give one year warranty, it’s a great deal you can buy over the phone or instore.

You needn’t buy the care plan at the same time as the point of payment as they will give you up to one year to buy it, and you are able to cancel the care plan whenever you wish. If you replace your product the plan continues and you can return to store and replace your goods as many times as necessary within the 3 year period in your agreement as there are no limits.

What can I get in replacement?

You can replace your product with another that is up to the original price of purchase and is equivalent or has a similar specification. If a product isn’t available that fits the brief you may be able to use the value of the original product to buy something another of your choice.

Some instances and products are not covered by the care plan, including: cosmetic damage not affecting the operation; damage due to flood/wind/severe weather damage or fire (unless caused by the malfunction of item); software or data loss; theft; the product which has been neglected, abused, misused, or damaged intentionally; any inoperability of the product caused by a third party or interruption of utility supply; the replacement of batteries, bulbs, lamps and vacuum cleaner belts (regularly replaced items/consumable items); and finally a product that has been exposed to insect infestation (or similar phenomenon) or human or animal fluid/matter.

How much is Knowhow instant replacement?

The price of the one-time payment varies depending on the product. We’ve outlined the prices below:

Product price Cameras, camcorders, portable audio and eReaders (excludes mobiles and any Apple products) Vacuum cleaners Other products
£20-£40.99 £10 £12 £10
£41-£60.99 £15 £16 £12
£61-£80.99 £20 £23 £15
£81-£100.99 £25 £29 £20
£101-£120.99 £30 £34 £25
£121-£150.99 £35 £39 £30

Applecare contact number – 0843 504 0087

Applecare contact number

Many people may of heard of Applecare talked about by a number of people who own one or even several different apple devices and in this day and age, there are a lot of people who own apple products, with the iPhone being the most popular smart phone on the market.

In simplistic terms, Applecare simply offers customers a better warranty deal in the hope that increased warranty on a product, as well as extra support, will give the customer more peace of mind. Depending on the product, Applecare will extend the standard warranty period. If the customer purchases Applecare for an iPod touch, an iPad or an iPhone, the warranty will increase from 1 to 2 years. If a customer is looking for Applecare for their mac product, for example the hugely popular Macbook pro and Macbook air that more and more people seem to have or a desktop apple computer, the iMac, then the warranty will increase from the standard one year, up to three years.

Using Prove I Called to phone the Applecare contact number

If you need to make a call to the Applecare contact number, call using Prove I Called and you will also be able to request evidence of your call, including all the pertinent information you may need if you are to complain to the company. These details include the time of the call, duration and the number you phoned from – information which could help if you need to escalate an issue later on. Call the Applecare contact number today to speak to a member of their helpline team.

  Call the Applecare contact number

Other ways to contact Applecare

Applecare claims to be much more than an extended warranty package and apple have a dedicated applecare contact number that may be used by existing applecare customers to gain any much needed advice on their hardware, which is the actual physical device or their software, what they are downloading onto their device and the storage space that this takes up, or perhaps whether downloading the new software update is worth it or not and how much space this will use up. Apple claim that their applecare contact number will put customers through to some expert technical support and would recommend anybody who has just bought their first ever apple device because it may take new users of apple products a while to get used to how they work and this is indeed the usual market for applecare and these people are normally the ones who ring the applecare contact number.

In conclusion then , applecare provides increased warranty and basically, if required a walkthrough tutorial over the phone of how to become proficient in using apple products and this may therefore be suitable for people who have recently made or are looking to make a transition from, for example a windows computer, to a mac computer, which of course use different operating systems or maybe somebody going from using a nokia phone to an apple iPhone.

iPhone helpline – 0843 504 0078

endermasali /
endermasali /

With more and more people making the switch to Apple products, such as the newest iPhone and iPads, it is important that customers can acquire all the information and support regarding these products, as possible. Just like any other business, there is a customer support contact number, or iPhone helpline, which customers can call and have their customer needs met and the questions answered by trained customer support advisers and technical advisers.

There are a number of reasons why customers call the iPhone helpline.

Why call the iPhone helpline

Firstly, people looking to purchase an iPhone and want to speak to someone who knows a little bit more about the different packages than he/she does and from the comfort of their own home, this can be done by calling the helpline both during the week and on the weekend, making purchasing a new phone both easy and convenient.

Secondly, customers can contact the helpline to modify, track or return orders if unsuitable.

Thirdly, technical support, advice and other services are all only a quick phone call away with the help of trained technical support advisers. Whether the customer is looking for help regarding setting up their new phone, using their new phone to connect to the internet or lost data, advisers are on hand to give the relevant help and information to solve problems. If an iPhone product is broken or damaged, by calling the helpline, advisers are able to determine what the customer will need to do, whether this means repairing the iPhone or issuing a replacement phone.

In addition to these services, there are a number of other various yet frequently requested information which is more than often requested via the iPhone helpline. Much of this information relates to and often revolves around, using an iPhone abroad or calling abroad from the iPhone, finding out more about getting an Apple ID and the benefits in doing so, and questions about billing and payments. Whatever the query, it can be quickly and conveniently solved by calling the helpline and acquiring all the information required to help the customer enjoy and make the best use out of their Apple product.

Calling the iPhone helpline through

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection when you phone. When you pinpoint the date, time and duration of your call to us over e-mail (as well as where it was made from) we can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable. Call the iPhone helpline today.

  Call the iPhone helpline

iTunes contact number – 0843 504 0377

Bloomua /
Bloomua /

The iTunes Store is an online music shop that sells a wide range of tracks and albums for download. These can then be played on a computer or can be stored on a mobile device and listened to whilst on the go. The iTunes store is managed by Apple computers and there is also an Apple iTunes contact number for individuals who have a query concerning the iTunes store. To get in touch one should call the Apple Store. This will direct individuals who wish to contact the store regarding information concerning businesses. This number is available seven days a week from the times of 4 AM through until 10 PM

There is also the number for individuals who want to get in contact with queries concerning education and this number can be found. This number is also available from 4 AM until 10 PM. Some individuals have a range of different queries concerning the iTunes store and these can be answered online via the Apple support site which is available through searches on the web. This site has a way of answering questions and has manuals that can be browsed with technical articles explain questions that may be asked. Many individuals also use the beats by Dre headphones and speakers and that are being supported by Apple and if you have queries involving with these products you can find answers on the beats music support website via the Apple website.

Individuals may have a number of questions that need answering and this may involve the support of the Apple ID password that is needed for the iTunes store. An individual also may need to get tips via the iTunes contact number. However, if this number is busy, information can be found on the Apple support communities that are available via the Apple website. Apple care products are also available and these may offer technical questions that need answering and this can be carried out via the Apple website.

Calling the iTunes contact number through

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection when you phone. When you pinpoint the date, time and duration of your call to us over e-mail (as well as where it was made from) we can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable. Call the iTunes contact number today.

  Call the iTunes contact number

Knowhow contact number – 0843 504 0066

Who are Knowhow?

Knowhow is the technology service and support company and can be found in Currys and PC World stores nationwide.

The firm offer help and advice when technology fails you, as well as providing TV and appliance delivery services and set ups. They offer a 24/7 technology helpline as well as their normal customer service team who can help you with tips and guides.

Despite them having experts in all areas of products, as a company they promise not to bombard you with technology jargon. They have over 500 technicians on the road, 1400 in the UK Contact Centre and 1000 in the team of engineers in the repair lab and 700 installers to fit kitchen appliances and satellite dishes getting you connected and plumbed in.

Fixing TVs, laptops and games consoles as well, Knowhow can be available at home, online, in-store and on the phone.

What can I get help with when I call the Knowhow contact number?

Phone the Knowhow contact number now, and get help from the PC World/Currys team who are responsible for manning their UK helpline. As a specialist service provided by the Currys group, the team are able to make sure that your item is delivered, installed and working - especially handy as technology gets increasingly more difficult to manage.

However, their helpline handles a range of other matters - such as ongoing cover & care, as well as general enquiries and complaints about the service. Whatever the matter, the Knowhow helpline should be able to assist customers who phone up - and these matters are usually resolved over the course of a call. Phone the Knowhow contact number now and get the assistance you need from their call centre staff now.

How does Prove I Called work?

When you call through the Prove I Called number, you get added protection. We can give you evidence that may prove useful in the future if you have any disputes or queries with the complaints team for the company. It can also be used for your own personal records, or any other matter you deem applicable.

We know how stressful it can be when contacting a company. Prove I Called keeps a record of the time, date and duration of your call to a company. This service is perfect for ongoing calls to a business, or when you have run into issues with a company. Prove I Called is not affiliated with any company listed in our directory.

To request your call details please email with your phone number and the date you called. With that information, we can provide you with an independent email confirming the details of the call, this email can be forwarded to the company you are contacting as evidence of your call. Calls to 084 numbers cost 5p from a BT Landline, calls from mobiles and other providers may be considerably more.

Knowhow phoneline opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am-6pm 
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Company address & email

Knowhow Customer Services
PO Box 1686
S2 5YB

Social Media accounts

Facebook: Knowhowuk
Twitter: @Knowhowtohelp

Vax helpline number – 0843 504 7307

Vax helpline number
Looking to phone the Vax helpline number? The Vax contact number team deal with hundreds of calls each and every day from people who use their vacuum cleaners and other products. Despite not being the major player in the market – that would be either Hoover or Dyson, depending on who you ask – their call centres are believed to be among the best around. When you phone, a member of the helpline team will assess your matter and either deal with it during the course of the conversation, or set in motion something that will have your Vax problem resolved. This could be a complaint, a return, replacement or something else entirely. Call the Vax helpline number today.

Calling the Vax helpline number through Prove I Called

In addition to making efficient contact, you can also access proof that you make the call by using our helpline number. This is extremely beneficial especially in times of complaint or  dispute with the company you are calling. To discuss your issue today simply click to call the Vax Helpline Number.

   Call the Vax helpline number now

Buy As You View Contact Number – 0843 504 7399

Buy As You View Contact Number

When you need to speak to a member of the, ‘Buy As You View’ customer service team, one call to the, ‘Prove I Called’ contact number is all it takes. Are you aware that you can obtain details of your call including the date, time and duration? Such information I particularly useful especially in cases of complaint or dispute. Of course there are lots of reasons you may need to contact, ‘Buy As You View’ such as technical support or payment advice. To address your query simply click to call.


Thinking of visiting ‘Buy As You View’ online? Perhaps you need to write to Buy As You View’s Customer Service Department? For ease of reference we have listed the details you’ll need below:

Buy As You View Postal Address:

Dunraven Finance Limited,

Kingsway Buildings,

Bridgend Industrial Estate,


CF31 3RY

Official website: