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Tracking your FedEx delivery

Ways to track your delivery

Tracking your delivery can offer the peace of mind that you need when transferring items from A to B. FedEx understands that and therefore provides various ways in which you can follow your consignment on its journey.

We have outlined the main ways in which you can keep track – easily and efficiently

Tracking by tracking number or reference

Are you aware that you can track as many as 30 tracking numbers on the FedEx online tracking form? Simply click onto to start tracking. Likewise, you can enter up to 30 reference numbers – please note it is beneficial to also have your FedEx account number handy along with postal dates plus destination country & postal code information.

It is also possible to obtain a, ‘Proof of Delivery’ including a copy of the recipient’s signature. This service is generally available for the FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments. Should you require a copy of the FedEx Freight Bill of Landing that is usually possible too.

For more info simply click online or why not call FedEx customer services?

Tracking by email

Up to 30 FedEx deliveries can be conveniently tracked using just one email. To set up your email notifications just create a new email message addressed to:

Please note that nothing is needed in the subject line.

Your body text should include the word ‘account’ followed by a space and then your FedEx account number. Now enter your FedEx reference number – up to 30 can be added per line separated by a comma or if you prefer, simply add one per line.

Please note that for more information, FedEx customer service lines are open from:

8am until 6pm on a Monday to Friday

8am until 1ppm on a Saturday

Tracking by mobile phone

FedEx mobile services allow you to check your consignment wherever you are. Thankfully this handy service is available on many web-enabled smartphones, Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and Android devices.

Downloads are available via

Registered user tracking

By creating an online account you can track all national and international deliveries quickly and easily online.

For details on how to register please contact your local FedEx depot.

FedEx payments made easy

FedEx Accounts

Establishing a FedEx account can make managing your deliveries even easier – whether you are arranging domestic or business consignments. Thankfully, setting up your FedEx account can be easily done too. To make life straightforward we have listed a simple step-by-step guide to the process:

Applying with a credit card

Step 1. Log on to

Step 2. Choose either a business or individual account

Step 3. You will need a credit card to complete your registration

Step 4. Make a note of your FedEx user ID and password

Step 5. You are officially registered and ready to start shipping

Applying through FedEx Customer Services

Business and corporate users often find that this is a suitable choice when applying for a FedEx account. Creating your account requires a quick visit to where you will find a short online form. Simply submit your form and a FedEx representative will call to discuss the best option for your company. You should receive your call within approximately one working day of your initial application.

Have an urgent delivery? Please call FedEx between 8am and 5.30pm to make immediate arrangements.

FedEx billing

Accessing your FedEx billing information can be done quickly and securely online via the FedEx site. In addition to payments, FedEx’s online billing also allows you to dispute charges, amend your payment details, download invoices and check you’re your invoice status.

Whether you have opted for paper billing or a credit card account, rest assured, FedEx’s online billing is available.

Still need more info?

Why not email Alternatively you can call the FedEx team and they will gladly tell you more.

Instant payments

Setting up a FedEx account isn’t a necessity. One-off payments can be made online via credit card. Please note, if you would prefer to arrange payment over the phone please don’t hesitate to call FedEx Customer Services.

Phone lines are open from:

Monday – Friday 8am until 6pm

Saturday 8am until 1pm

FedEx Shipping Services

Worldwide options

With shipping available from over 220 countries and territories around the globe, you can rest assured, FedEx has all your consignment needs covered. From import and export, non-urgent or express, lightweight or heavy packages, whatever you need, FedEx has the right services, knowledge and manpower in place.

Outbound options

Sending parcels and packages worldwide can appear to be a confusing process but with help from FedEx’s web-based services it needn’t be. Are you aware that FedEx has online tools covering all you need to know including shipping, monitoring, tracking and customs? But that’s not all, they will also keep you up-to-date with the latest information about ‘duties and tax’. To find out more please visit  Alternatively please don’t hesitate to call FedEx customer services to find out more.

Inbound options

There is quite an extensive checklist attached to inbound consignments which includes:

· Monitoring & Tracking

· Customs Clearance

· Shipping Protocol

· Transit rates & times

Please note that the maximum weight for this category is 68kg.

Thankfully, the FedEx team is on hand to talk you through any uncertainties you may have. On1e call is usually all it takes to address most queries.

Heavyweight deliveries

This services typically covers consignments of 68kg and over. Thankfully, FedEx has the knowledge and manpower to take your delivery from the packaging stage to customs clearance.

Need en-route handling, invoicing and reporting following your delivery, FedEx can provide that too.

Urgent heavyweight deliveries should ideally be sent via FedEx International Priority Freight services. If your heavyweight consignment is less urgent it may be better to opt for the FedEx International Economy Freight services. Transit times can vary between 1 and 7 days depending on which service you choose.

Domestic deliveries

Most FedEx domestic deliveries can be made with or without a FedEx account. The great thing is that you can choose from a range of delivery times to suit your needs, these are:

Urgent deliveries

Express Next-Day Delivery by 9am , 10am or 12 noon.

Less urgent deliveries

2-3 day delivery is available via FedEx Economy services.

Sending letters and parcels with the Post Office

The Post Office provide a variety of different services, though their most popular is the postage of letters, parcels and packages. They allow customers to mail items to the United Kingdom and abroad, with the in-house Post Office team able to advise users about the various options available to customers wishing to send a domestic or international package.

These options include standard and economy delivery, in addition to options that notify the sender when the parcel has been delivered and next day guaranteed delivery.

Using the Post Office to send parcels to UK addresses

The Post Office divide delivery options into postage sent to places in the United Kingdom and postage sent to other countries. If you are sending a letter or parcel to a UK address, you can choose from standard, confirmed and guaranteed delivery.

Standard is the usual, stick a stamp on it and bung it in the post. Confirmed means your delivery will be signed for, notifying you that the intended recipient has received the item. Guaranteed also requires a signature on delivery, it also allows guarantees next day delivery, by either 9am or 1pm, depending on your choice.

Prices for each type of delivery depend on the size of parcel you are sending. There are also tracking options, depending on which type of delivery you choose.

International packages sent through the Post Office

For international delivery, the same three options, standard, confirmed and guaranteed, remain, though customers can now also select economy. Economy is a cheaper version of standard, it takes a little longer but costs a little less.

Parcels sent to other countries may require specific labelling for customs, more information can be found about package labelling by calling our Post Office Contact Number.

Post Office collection and returns

Sometimes, a home delivery is inconvenient. Signing for a big parcel during the day doesn’t work when you’re working 9 to 5. With this is mind, the Post Office allow customers to select the Local Collect option.

All you need to do is collect the parcel from your local Post Office branch, no need to be at home to sign for it. To collect your parcel, you’ll need a copy of the tracking ID and proof of identity.

Just because you’ve bought an item online, it doesn’t mean you can’t return it. Returning items bought online is increasingly common, with many people purchasing clothes to try them on and sending them back if they’re not quite right.

To send an item back, simply head to your local Post Office branch and use their returns service. Most returns are free, though if not prices start from £2.80.

Business services provided by the Post Office

The Post Office provide plenty of helpful services for businesses, including banking, insurance and, of course, postage. They also provide a variety of office supplies, such as filing, documentation and printing equipment. And they sell pens. Here is our rundown of the various services provided for businesses by the Post Office.

The various types of business insurance available through the Post Office

The Post Office offer six different types of insurance to businesses in the United Kingdom. These are tailored to specific types of business, from drivers to people that work from home. The Post Office offer Office & Surgery Insurance that covers a variety of different types of company.

Homeworkers insurance covers exactly what it sounds like. Similarly, Self-Employed Insurance provides cover to self-employed workers, such as builders.

If you own a shop, you can apply for Shopkeepers Insurance. Landlords and commercial property owners can purchase Property Owners Insurance. Men with ven can order Van Insurance to cover their fleet of vehicles.

For information about the various types of cover and liability, you can call our Prove I Called Post Office Contact Number. The Post Office customer services team will be able to explain all the details you need to know to find out if Post Office insurance is right for you.

Business banking with the Post Office

In accordance with their other business services, the Post Office provide banking options for businesses in the United Kingdom. You can choose to do your business banking at the Post Office. This includes the depositing of cash and cheques, withdrawal of money and checking of your account balance.

The Post Office also offer a cash collection service that securely collects your on-site cash to deposit into your account. A Cheque Authority Card is available to businesses, providing companies with a variety of payment benefits.

For companies that transfer cash abroad, the Post Office offer International Business Payment options, including lowered fees on currency conversion. The Post Office also provide a Card Payment solution.

Office supplies at the Post Office

The Post Office sell a number of different types of office equipment, including filing and documentation products. For companies requiring ink and toner, the Post Office sell a number of different items for your printer, with a number of different brands covered by the Post Office’s provision.

Renewing licences and identification at the Post Office

There are a number of different licences and pieces of identification that can be purchased and renewed at your local Post Office branch. You can also renew your vehicle tax, a requirement for cars that are used on UK roads.

Each of these licences and identification cards are legally required for their specific area, such as fishing and driving licences and passports for travel. You can find out more by calling our Post Office Contact Number.

Licences you can purchase and renew at the Post Office

If you are interested in fishing you are able to purchase a rod fishing licence for £27, or £72 if you want to fish for salmon and sea trout too. There are different lengths of licence, from a day to 8 days, all the way through to a season long pass. This can be purchased online of in a local branch.

Drivers can apply for and renew an international driving permit or photo card driving licence. This includes provisional licences and full licences. The IDP is a year-long permit that allows owners to drive in around 140 countries across the world. In some countries this is a legal requirement, in others it is a requirement for car hire companies. You must apply for the IDP at least 3 months before you travel.

A driving licence is a well-known piece of identification, a legal requirement for drivers in the United Kingdom. If you are applying for a driving licence or IDP, you must pay the application fee and provide a passport sized photo, in addition to a number of other items.

If you work in the security industry, you can apply for or renew a Security Industry Authority licence application. After completing an online application on the SIA website, you can finish the application in a local branch of the Post Office. Bring the required documents and reference number, in addition to the application fee.

Identity services and renewals with the Post Office

There are plenty of types of identification services that the Post Office provides. You can apply for GOV.UK Verify should you need to prove your identity when working with a government department. Should you require a Foreign Nationals Biometric Residence Permit, you can register at your local branch. Health and Social workers can apply for a CQC DBS at the Post Office.

The Post Office also provide a Document Certification Service that certifies your identity on a document. If you are travelling to the United States you may want to apply for an ESTA, Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. You can apply through the Post Office.

Services provided by Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is often used to refer to the video streaming service provided by the online retailer Amazon, though Amazon Prime also provides subscribers with a number of other benefits.

Here is a short run down of the various services provided by Amazon Prime. If you would like to phone their customer services team, call our Amazon Prime Contact Number.

Amazon Prime delivery

Amazon Prime subscribers can select free next day delivery when ordering a number of products from the Amazon store. Another delivery option available to Prime subscribers is free same day delivery, however this option is only available to customers in certain postcodes. Same day delivery products are delivered in the evening.

Prime subscribers can also choose free no-rush delivery when selecting from the range of options provided by Amazon. No-rush delivery entitles customers to promotional credit, this option is useful for Prime customers that have ordered an item but are willing to wait an extra 3-5 days for delivery.

Amazon Prime Video, Photos and Music

Amazon Instant Video is a popular service provided through Prime membership. It is a streaming service similar to Netflix, with an increasing number of exclusive television shows.

The Amazon Instant Video library provides subscribers with a large range of television shows and films to choose from; if a film or show is not available for free streaming through the service, customers can purchase the video for instant streaming, storing the video in the Amazon Cloud.

Prime Photos is an image storing service, allowing subscribers to save an unlimited number of photos to the Amazon Cloud. Prime Music is a music streaming service similar to Spotify. Users can also purchase music, store it on the Amazon Cloud and listen whenever they have internet access.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

Amazon Prime members who live in the United Kingdom can use the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library to download one new ebook per month for free.

Customers must own an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet to make use of the free ebook as books can only be downloaded on certain devices.

Had a problem with your Amazon Prime delivery?

Amazon Prime is more than an on-demand video streaming service, they also offer customers free next day delivery and, in some cases, same day delivery, depending on your postcode. While the service is reliable, there can be issues with undelivered items or packages posted to the wrong address.

I have not received my expected delivery

If you ordered an item but did not receive it the following day, the first plan of action is to contact the delivery service responsible for its delivery. You can find out which delivery service Amazon used to deliver your package by reviewing your billing and order information. When contacting the courier service, have your tracking number on hand to make the problem reporting process as quick and easy as possible.

Keep in mind that certain delivery services continue to deliver up to 10pm; if you finalised your order close to the next day delivery deadline it may be delivered later in the day. This is also true of popular products, such as items ordered for a certain release date.

How to track an order

Amazon provide a parcel tracking service to customers on certain products delivered through an Amazon seller, these tend to be products that are available for Amazon Prime next day delivery. Customers can track a package to see if the parcel is out for delivery or still at a pickup location. This is a particularly useful feature for customers that need a rough time estimate of when a package will be delivered.

To track your order, use the Your Orders section in the sidebar of the Your Account section of After finding the order you would like to track, find and click on the Track Package option. This will provide customers with information on whether the package is at the depot, out for delivery or has been delivered.

Parcels that are returned to Amazon as Undeliverable

If a parcel is marked as undelivered by Amazon, you will receive a full refund, including delivery costs. Parcels can be undelivered for a number of reasons, including incorrect addresses, items refused by the recipient or packages that are damaged whilst in possession of a courier.

There can also be issues with addresses that the Amazon delivery processing system does not recognise or postage labels that are illegible. Use our Amazon Prime Contact Number if you would like to call their customer service team to report an undelivered package or find out why your parcel was not delivered.

UK Mail contact number – 0843 504 0267

Are you looking to ring the UK Mail contact number? UK Mail, formerly known as Business Post, are a postage and delivery service based in the United Kingdom (surprise surprise!) They offer a range of parcel and mail delivery options and services, with options to track your package and deliver at specific times. UK Mail offer personal and business delivery services, catering for large companies such as O2 and Talk Talk. If you have had an issue with UK Mail’s service or a delivery sent with their service, you can use our contact number to get in touch. Calling our number puts you straight through to UK Mail, it also provides you with evidence of your call should you need to provide proof of the call’s time and date. This information can be vital in ongoing disputes with companies.

Calling the UK Mail contact number through Prove I Called

Calling Prove I Called can be hugely beneficial during ongoing disputes with companies. Through using our service, we can keep a track of the time and date of your phone call and we will be able to provide you with evidence of these details should you need to pass on proof of your call to a company. Prove I Called is an independent service and using our number can be incredibly important in making a claim or registering a complaint with a company. Call the UK Mail contact number now.

   Call the UK Mail contact number

Parcel Monkey contact number

Need to phone the Parcel Monkey contact number? Parcel Monkey are a delivery service based in the United Kingdom. Their business is popular with online sellers, particularly on eBay and Amazon. Parcel Monkey offer a range of delivery options to choose from, offering both domestic and international postage options, as well as specialist choices that allow you to specify a certain time or date of delivery. There are also options for large and heavy parcels and a delivery tracking tool. You can use our contact number to get in touch with Parcel Monkey today. Using our number will provide you with evidence of your phone call, perfect for when you need to prove to a company that you phoned on a certain time or date. If you need to contact Parcel Monkey, use the Prove I Called number.